2014 Resolutions

This is only the second time I have made a New Years Resolutions List but I think it’s important to reflect on the year and acknowledge your accomplishments. It’s always good to have your goals in mind too, well here they are;

1.) Continue with weightloss, continue with Zumba, continue with Aquq fit, get stronger, fitter and have more energy! (not asking much!)


2.) Take more pictures, do more planned shoots and liaise with designers and stylists.

3.) Keep making lists, Keep being organised and finish that Dissertation without dying!


4.) Get serious about Boudoir photography, do some shoots, keep your head high and get some contacts.

5.) Get serious about finding a job after uni, apply for internships and grab every opportunity!


6.) Book a holiday / time off in the summer to celebrate finishing uni and all my hard work.

7.) Never settle for second best, keep reaching and dreaming for what you want.

8.) Seriously start looking at houses / flats and save money for a deposit! (start a scheme that helps you save money)


9.) Go to the beach in the summer – I used to love the beach.

10.) Visit Kent with mum / friends / Adam to see Becky & Bex and for lots of shopping.

So there it is, what are you New Years Resolutions?

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