A themed wedding – hot or not?

I recently wrote a post about engagement rings, their cost and worth and whether you should or shouldn’t stick to traditions. Now I’m definitely not a traditional girl, and if you read my previous post you will know that my engagement ring isn’t traditional and that I got engaged in Disney World! I also previously mentioned a Disney themed wedding, once again I definitely want that when the time comes.  Although getting married at Disney World, Florida would also be amazing, it can be very very expensive!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having opinions, in fact the world would be so boring if everyone was the same, but I have had some very bad reactions to the idea of a themed wedding. Some from my friends, family and some from strangers! Now lets be realistic, at this time in my life I’m not even close to planning a wedding, so having a few crazy ideas is absolutely fine, right? But it got me thinking about how even though more and more people are choosing to have non traditional weddings, somehow they are still not deemed acceptable. But why? If you love weddings  with a difference (and if you don’t, this might change you mind!) you should check out Rock n Roll Bride and Rock My Wedding for some gorgeous inspiration.

For some people I know, a church wedding would be perfect, with a simple reception and a few traditions thrown in. But that is not me, and I am ok with that! I really want to get married at the beach, a place I’ve always loved but even more so when I moved to Broadstairs, Kent in 2011 for University. I want pictures on the sand, fireworks, and a dessert table! (Have I spent my imaginary budget already?). I don’t want to wear heels on my wedding day, and I will definitely be donning a pair of Minnie Mouse wedding ears at some point! I feel that as long as everything that me and my husband to be loves is included in the wedding, it will be perfect! Here are a few of my favourite Disney wedding picks from Pinterest:

Im in love with this beautiful Mickey Mouse Inspired Wedding Pomander! This is such a creative way to incorporate both Mickey and flowers together!Inspiration Gallery | Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoon

Disney wedding nails. Wouldnt this look lovely with your dream Wedding Ring Set! Visit us at www.LaurieSarahDesigns.com Up "Ellie Badge" Grape Soda Pin Disney Pixar Inspired Bottle cap. $2.50, via Etsy.

White Christmas wedding cake with Cinderella Castle topper, lights and sparkle


And you don’t even have to have an obvious theme, some people choose a colour, flower or season, and this can create the most beautiful wedding. Other’s prefer to go all out, for example Halloween, or Christmas! As long as your wedding is want you and your partner both want, that is all that matters, you are not there to please anyone else!

Where do you stand on themed weddings?

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  1. I do like a themed wedding! I’m not so keen on ones that are really over the top but I think a theme helps show of the couples’ personalities, helps everything to flow a bit more as everything matches and goes well together, and they always stand out against the more traditional and dare I say, generic, weddings! Like you say it doesn’t have to be overly ‘themed’ just reflecting a certain style from your save the dates to your thank you notes helps!

    1. I love a themed wedding! I recently saw on a bridal group, a couple who got married in full superhero outfits! Now I wouldn’t go that far but I do love seeing a theme in the little touches. It’s quite exciting to see how all the small parts of a wedding tie in together!

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