An intimate gig in Brighton

While we were in Hastings we ventured across to Brighton. We went last year too although didn’t make a full day of it as parking is expensive! I’ve always wanted to go to Brighton as I’ve heard great things about it, but it’s too far from Essex for a day trip really. So as we were in Hastings (about an hour away) we took the opportunity to go.

There was also another reason for wanting to go while we were away, one of my favourite bands Wakey!Wakey! were touring, and since we couldn’t go to the London date, the Brighton one was perfect! When we got to the venue The Latest Music Bar we went down some stairs to a little bar area with seats. It was cosy with candles and fairy lights and made for a great atmosphere! The support act was very good although I apologetically cannot remember the name. Then it was time for Mike (the lead from Wakey!Wakey!) to come and do his set, I was so excited. Because of the small room it was such an intimate gig and I loved it. Mike was amazing and I absolutely loved the acoustic versions of the new album Salvation.


After the gig we waited in the foyer as Mike said he would be doing a meet and greet and I was so disappointed when I didn’t get to meet him at the last gig we were at.

I was waiting in the queue and feeling a bit nervous but I was so excited. For anyone that doesn’t know, Mike had a role in my favourite show One Tree Hill which is where I first discovered him. I think it was a combinatio of loving his music and the fact that he was on One Tree Hill that made it so exciting to meet him. Anyway, I didn’t need to be nervous because he is the loveliest guy ever, so friendly and we had a great chat.


What bands do you like? Have you ever met your favourite band?

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