Baby Bump Shoot

Last week I did a baby bump photo shoot with one of my best friends. Coral is now around 8 months pregnant and (being very slim to begin with) finally has a big enough bump to show up well in pictures. This shoot was very special to me, not only because it is the first baby bump shoot I have done in over three years, but also because Coral is the first one in our group of friends to have a baby. Here are a couple of behind the scenes images.

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We had a lot of fun during the shoot trying out different outfits and poses. Armed with a few props and Pinterest inspiration we gave ourselves a couple of hours  to create some beautiful images.  We did plenty of the obligatory hand on bump shots (which are stunning) and also wanted to try something a little different.  I have a few favourites but I am really loving the ones with different lighting and props.



IMG_8768 IMG_8773

This is one of my favourite shots. The teddy is so cute and the colours look great together. It was really hard to get this shot because even though Coral has a big bump now, when she lies down her stomach goes almost completely flat – can you believe it! She had to get into funny positions to get the bump to show nicely and we had a good laugh. The photo with the baby booties is just as lovely and has an equally funny story to go with it. I kept trying to balance the booties on the bump and they kept sliding off! I thought it was because of the rounded shape but was soon informed by Coral that the baby didn’t like it and was kicking them off! Cue laughter and whipping out my phone to video it, but the baby was too camera shy!

IMG_8784 IMG_8818 IMG_8824 IMG_8844 IMG_8850 IMG_8868 IMG_8875 IMG_8877 IMG_8908 IMG_8928 IMG_8932

These last few silhouette ones are some of my favourites, they are beautiful and very intimate. I didn’t find lighting these very easy, but once I got it right they just looked stunning! I have even been told these particular images are timeless and that people would look at them in 10 years and still love them. I think that’s an amazing compliment and look forward to taking more images that people will treasure.

What do you think? Have you seen any unique baby bump photo ideas?

Keep checking back for pictures of Coral AND her baby as she is due next month – how exciting!

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