A 2015 reflection

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I also wanted to tell you about my amazing Question and Answer book I got 2 years at. It’s almost like a New Years resolution book, you write the answers to questions it asks you every day for a year. These questions can range from anything such as ‘What did you have for dinner?’ ‘What is your mission?’ ‘Can people change?’ The same question is asked on the same day of the year and it lasts for 5 years so you can create loads of memories! I’ve had so much fun reflecting on past years and comparing where I’ve been and where I am. It’s fantastic seeing you have completed goals and even when you haven’t it makes you more determined to achieve them! If you wanna pick up one of these great little books you can find them here.

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Precious Prints

I can’t begin to explain how having physical products is much nicer than just digital files! I love seeing huge glossy prints, canvasses and photo books, it’s so nice to see images in real life! I also think that having pictures around the house is one of the best ways to make it feel homely and a more personal space.  I want to show you a few ways in which my clients have enjoyed my photos and made them into something special!


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Enjoying the moment

I spent Sunday with my family and friends. My cousin’s children are growing up so fast and I always used to have my camera on me to capture it. However the more I do photography, the more I allow myself to take breaks, so I can enjoy the moment and chat to my relatives! This time however I was specially asked to bring my camera, and I don’t like to turn down a good photo opportunity.

I say this time and time again but I am not confident at photographing children! It’s something I have done while working at a studio, but I definitely don’t feel like it is specialist for me. However in a natural, (and well lit!) environment, I love taking photos of my friend’s and cousin’s children, not only because they make lovely gifts at Christmas!

So here are a few snaps I took on Sunday, hope you like them!



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A Family Affair – Gaynes Park Wedding

Last Saturday was an event that we have been talking about for 2 whole years and it finally happened. Adam (my fiancé) and I attended his brother’s wedding at Gaynes Park. It was a lovely sunny day and if you have ever been to this venue you will know how beautiful it is. It was lovely to not be working and to be able to take in the surroundings and truly enjoy the day. I was banned (by Adam) from taking my big camera, but of course I took my compact! Here are a few pictures from the day.

IMG_0957 IMG_0961

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My newsletter – What’s it all about?

So some of you will have signed up to my newsletter and received 3 by now! I decided to start one in May, partly for marketing reasons and partly for a good way to show you all directly what I have been up to and all my latest offers. I really love doing these each month as I like to look back on what I have been doing, I like showing off lovely photos and I like to tell you what great deals you can get on my photography. Now some of you may be thinking, what is a newsletter, and why should I sign up? Well, lets talk about newsletters!

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Boudoir – A Home Visit!

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, around 4 weeks! I don’t like to let things slack but sometimes grown up life gets in the way (boo!).  However I am back now and more inspired than ever, I have some treats for you, including a newsletter (sign up here), my new boudoir venture with Natalie, a shoot where I am in front of the camera, promo images and more! There is so much going on, you really can’t afford to miss it!

I recently did another boudoir shoot with Natalie, and this time we did a home visit. This is something that we offer if you feel you would be more comfortable at home, or you have an amazingly decorated bedroom (like this lovely lady did!). Of course we are limited by space and lighting so that is always something to keep in mind if you would like a shoot like this.

You can imagine how excited I was when Sophie sent me this photo of her bedroom, every boudoir dream was fulfilled I think!


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Boudoir, the perfect wedding present for your future husband

Katrina came to me wanting some beautiful photos to give to her husband-to-be on their wedding day. She wanted something classy and sexy, but without showing too much skin.  We had a little look on Pinterest, and spoke about any worries and insecurities Katrina had, and how we could banish them on the day of the shoot. With any boudoir, as soon as any worries are mentioned, I work hard to make sure I have a plan to make you feel at ease. This could mean posing in a certain way, making sure we have a relaxing atmosphere or even keeping in constant contact to ensure I can answer any questions you may have.


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New products – Gifts and more!

Recently I have been ordering from a few small businesses and I have been loving it! I absolutely love supporting small businesses, just like myself, and I usually find that their products and customer service are second to none. There were two things that I particularly wanted to help further my business at this moment in time, one was a stamp to help me with packaging, and the other was a gift voucher.

The stamp I have already use quite a lot within my business, as you can see here! I love it, I really do feel like it is a luxury product, and even though I am new to stamping, it came with a little product card with information on how to get the best results and store it properly. It came on a lovely acrylic block which made stamping so easy, and the whole thing looks really nice and posh too! I bought this stamp from Clarise Crafts (mine’s the biggest one incase you wondered), who also has a huge range of all things craft related. Thanks to this website I have the stamping bug and keep thinking of things that I can stamp!


Image by Clarise Crafts

I also wanted to show you my new beautiful gift vouchers! I hadn’t really thought about these before, until I was thinking about exhibiting at a local pamper evening. I wanted to find a way that I could still make bookings without the pressure sales you often get at events like that! For me, the evening was a way to find new clients (I had a sign up sheet for my newsletter) and potentially secure some bookings, but I really didn’t want to give the hard sell, I really hate that.

So I decided some gift vouchers would really help with that, for me, it’s almost like a deposit from the customer, and for them it’s a non restricting way to show their interest in my services. The vouchers look really nice and are a great gift, especially to someone who has reached a new milestone in their life (e.g engaged, new baby).


Image by Clarise Crafts

The gift vouchers were also designed and printed by Clarise crafts. I absolutely love them! What do you think about my new additions to my business?

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Bridal Boudoir

I photographed Clara’s wedding in March, it was a beautiful day, the weather was kind to us, and her dress was absolutely beautiful! We thought it would be fun and cheeky to do a bridal boudoir shoot, using some of the accessories from her big day and also her hen do. We chose a range of tasteful poses which look elegant but still sexy. I guided Clara into the poses, working around any problematic areas that she felt she had (none, she’s stunning!), meaning that she could be as comfortable as possible during the shoot.  My close friend and amazing make up artist  Natalie did Clara’s make up and she did an amazing job getting the balance between neutral bridal make up and enough make up to show up on camera with the bright lighting set up.

What Clara says:

‘I recently had my very first boudoir shoot with Vicky. Now I’m one of those woman that isn’t completely happy with her body. So as you can imagine the nerves where kicking in couple days before. Before we started Vicky and Natalie were making me laugh and are very giggly. (This helped a lot) By the time I got changed after having my make up done by Natalie, I started to feel so much more relaxed. All the way through, Vicky kept asking if I was ok. She did make me laugh. Got me bending in places I haven’t tried in years. I loved doing the boudoir shoot. It’s great fun and so different. Vicky and Natalie make you feel so comfortable. I would love to do it again!’

Before After 3

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