Ongoing work!

I finally have got around to photographing my friends with make up done by my fabulous make up artist Natalie Daniels! You can see her work here! The first shoot we did to get into the swing of things was beauty headshots to show off the make up. I used a camera and flashgun, and we pinned a sheet to the ceiling for a backdrop, I also used a mixture of natural light and a bedroom light. You can see the rest of the images here

The girls looked beautiful, they also modelled some jewellery that I made for the shoot.


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End of year one!

ahhh so my exhibition was a success, I saw many people looking and interacting with the pieces.

Here is my statement from the exhibition;

These images are from a series I made for one of my University projects. I was inspired by Dreamland fun fair, in Margate, which unfortunately is closed down now. The idea is that there is a dream world within the fun fair, and the ‘little person’ in each image is exploring that world. Other parts were added to the image, such as escaping bears, lights and ducks in a row to make the scene look even more surreal.

The images aim to be entertaining and light hearted. I have included a loupe to use to magnify the ‘little people’ and get a closer look at what they are up to.

I shot the images in Southend-on-Sea, in Essex using a Canon 500D and a Flash gun.

 Here’s what it looked like!


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Website finally done!

So it’s 2:40 in the morning and the day of my exhibition!

I have just finished updating my website check it out! and also I have just created a mobile site how exciting!


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Upcoming Shoots

Over the summer I will be looking to book shoots and photograph events. If you know of any work I may be interested in please don’t hesistate to get in touch .

Shoots already planned in include a craft fair, rock chick pin ups, Essex Pride, portraiture for websites, and much more – watch this space!

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My Last Project Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging was really fun for me. The brief is ‘Dreamland‘ and I decided to take inspiration from the Fun Fair Dreamland in Margate. I went to Southend – on – Sea and shot some portraits using a flash gun and the lights at the fair. I then photographed the model in the same light, in different poses, and photoshopped these images smaller, in a Where’s Wally type fashion. I then added different elements to the images that made them more surreal.


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Photography In Context

Next, I finished Photography In Context with Photo Manipulation and the Moving Image. Here are the images I used.

Gallery is empty!

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My Little People Project

These are the images I have taken as final ideas for my Little People Project.

This image shows my Little Person being frustrated by money and bills, she is staring at the receipt looking stressed and it’s as if she’s wondering how she will be able to afford everything. I like the warm glow of the colours in the photo, and I like the depth of field.

This image shows my Little Person worrying about time. The list of things to do shows good perspective, and again I like the warm glow of the colour. I also like the depth of field.

This is an entirely different idea. It shows my figure looking out the window. The lighting is moody and sad.


I still have another scenario to shoot, involving another Little Person, and I need to choose two of these three images to submit.

I will complete my critical journal during reading week, and hopefully photograph the last scenario on Thursday.

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Slinkachu Project – Little People

Slinkachu has a range of work with tiny models in life size environments which is just amazing!

This is my favourite piece of work, the use of light and reflections make this look very realistic, when infact, it was photographed in a puddle!

In our lecture, we were given tiny models of our own, and have been asked to create 3 images, one including another little model. I was very excited at the idea of this, and began snapping straight away. Here are some test shots. This project is due 1st November.

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The beginning of Analogue!

Last week I started my analogue project with the theme ‘Decay’.  Having  never done any film work before, it proved a little tricky at first. I felt very at home with shooting on a film camera, however when it came to developing a film and printing – I had many problems. All in all i think i did a pretty good job on my first attempts, and here are a few images that i managed to do.

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