My first pamper evening!

I had never been to a pamper evening before as I’ve never really been into beauty! But after my sister began studying beauty therapy I found myself having lots of different treatments (some of which not by choice!). Now I get free treatments I must admit I still do not go to pamper evenings or other events like it, however I think they are a really great way to meet new people, get yourself pampers and try out new treatments at bargain prices. I recently advertised at a local pamper evening in East Hanningfield, it was a really lovely evening held in the local village hall. I spoke to a few people about my work and now have a few leads to follow up. I didn’t have time to have any treatments done but I did make the most of the yummy cakes on offer, they were amazing! I would definitely go to another pamper evening and have a treatment or two done, some of them sounded really interesting and the prices were really good too!




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Wedding worries – What to wear as a guest?

Once again time has run away from me and my usual Monday blogging spot has been replaced for Wednesday! This week I wanted to write about something that has been on my mind recently, what on earth do you wear as a guest to a wedding?! I’ve been to two weddings as a guest, I wore a little black dress to one, and a lacey grey number to the other. I was fairly young for both of these and don’t remember having particular issues finding something to wear! But now I feel a certain pressure to look perfect, pick the right dress and then accessorize it well! Is it Pinterest? Is it the detail that people plan their wedding in now? Or is it simple peer pressure? Whatever it is, finding the perfect outfit for a wedding has not been easy for me!

But I don’t think it should be like that, so I have comprised some guidelines to follow, and I’ll be showing you some of the dresses I picked out along the way to finding my outfit.

My situation goes like this;

My fiancé is going to be best man for his brother who is getting married this August! He has his suit and pretty much everything sorted for him so he doesn’t have to worry. Cue me worrying about what I am going to wear, how I am going to look and if we will get the dreaded ‘so when are you getting married’ question! (answer: once we have bought a house and then saved up more money!) I knew my brand colour (and favourite colour) was out of the question because that is their colour scheme, which allowed me to reject a lot of outfits straight away. I knew I wanted a dress and I wanted one which was knee length really – but I couldn’t find any! I was stuck in a panic of worrying what family would think of what I was wearing and if I would look ‘pretty’ enough, I wanted something extra special because I am family, but didn’t want to look like I was trying to outshine anyone! What a nightmare. I finally found some dresses I liked, after I stopped thinking ‘I can’t wear that,’ and started thinking, ‘I’ll try it anyway!’

Here are a few I liked:

A lovely lace number in purple from Coast. I thought it was beautiful but a tad pricey at £130, I actually never ended up trying this on!
The same dress in a silver/grey colour. I love the detail in the belt.











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Little Layla’s Christening at Writtle Church

Layla was christened on a beautiful sunny day in April. The weather was perfect, the venue was beautiful, and Layla was on her best behaviour all day! The christening took place at Writtle church, which I have photographed twice before! It has beautiful grounds and the inside is equally lovely. After the christening there was a small gathering at Writtle Social club which was decorated with banners, balloons and beautiful fresh flower centrepieces! There was also an incredible buffet which was made by friends and family which included pretty much every kind of party food you could wish for (and I Iove party food!). The cake was something else completely, made by a friend of the family, with hand crafted sugar decorations and a very cute little bear on the top! The whole day was so much fun and all the little details came together to make the day beautiful.

Layla's Christening Blog-0563

Layla's Christening Blog-0589

Layla's Christening Blog-0580

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Say no to ‘selfies’ at weddings?

I recently read this article, and it really got me thinking. I have seen plenty of photographs of weddings where people taking photos on smart phones have ruined pictures at crucial moments. I’m talking brides coming down the aisle for the first time, the first kiss, the list goes on. This is heart-breaking for both the photographer and the bride and groom and is something that really can ruin the day. However, having grown up with technology I find it hard to let go of my smart devices!

As a photographer, I obviously feel very strongly about the idea that if I am photographing a wedding, I want it to be just me. Most of us have it written in our contracts that we be the only professional photographer present for that very reason! I do sometimes find family members over bearing, and I feel rude if I am always pushing in front of them, however I will do this to get the perfect shot (if they will not move if I ask).  I know this is a pet hate for photographers, some family members think they are ‘pro photographers’ and like to organise people for their own photographs. This can prove very destructive and obtrusive to the official photographer’s plan of the day. However I do feel for the mother’s of the bride and other family, it’s a special day for them too. They may want photos for themselves of their sons or daughters, and for me, not being able to take photos would be a punishment. I find it really difficult because taking photos is part of mine and many others every day routine – I would probably feel like I lost a limb if I went to an event I couldn’t photograph myself, (although it might be nice to have a night off!)


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Pretty Packaging – Part One – Weddings

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and my photographs, and the final product should reflect that. I’ve spent a while researching and creating my own perfect packaging to compliment your big day. If you book with me for a full day wedding package, this is what you will receive.


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Paul & Clara’s Wedding at John Ray House

Paul and Clara were married at John Ray House in Braintree on the 30th March this year. I absolutely  loved their wedding, from the colour scheme, to the amazing relaxed atmosphere of the day. From there they went on to Benson Bar, also in Braintree for their reception, after taking some beautiful photos in Bocking public gardens. I loved getting to know them as a couple, talking about fairy lights and beautiful pictures by a pond, it was lovely to be able to cater to what they wanted their pictures to be. They planned their wedding in around 8 months, sorting all the little details and even changing venues! They did so well to plan it all, and this is how they did it!

From the bride herself, ‘Planning a wedding in 8 months I found a lot less stressful then I thought! Finding the bridesmaid dresses was the hardest part to find the style and colours to match. I would say, saying our vows and having our pictures taken in the gardens was my favourite part of the whole day. Everything went well, apart from I wished we paid more attention to table decorations to make sure the venue had right coloured napkins. Also a seating plan. No one seemed to mingle much . And made more timing for hair and make up. No bride likes to rush around!’

Make Up by Natalie Daniels.

Paul & Clara, Wedding, Romantic, Braintree (1)

Paul & Clara, Wedding, Romantic, Braintree (10)

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Boudoir – A present for the groom or you?

Boudoir is a growing trend, especially in the wedding industry and more and more people are doing it! I think that’s great and very exciting as I absolutely love Boudoir and think that not only should more people become aware, they should partake too! It really is an amazing way to look good and feel great about yourself. Doing a boudoir shoot can give you confidence you never knew you had, and with the right photographer you will feel completely at ease while shooting.

I think it’s important when choosing to do something like this that you do it for yourself foremost, and then think of others. A lot of brides have Boudoir shoots to give as gifts and I think this is a lovely idea, it’s a cheeky little reminder of you on the morning of the wedding and pictures that he will treasure. However I have heard of some brides ‘forcing themselves’ to do it for their husbands to be or because they think they should. Honestly, that’s not what Boudoir is about, it’s about having fun, feeling sexy, and it should be empowering. You should only do it if you want to and not because you feel like you have to!

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A themed wedding – hot or not?

I recently wrote a post about engagement rings, their cost and worth and whether you should or shouldn’t stick to traditions. Now I’m definitely not a traditional girl, and if you read my previous post you will know that my engagement ring isn’t traditional and that I got engaged in Disney World! I also previously mentioned a Disney themed wedding, once again I definitely want that when the time comes.  Although getting married at Disney World, Florida would also be amazing, it can be very very expensive!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having opinions, in fact the world would be so boring if everyone was the same, but I have had some very bad reactions to the idea of a themed wedding. Some from my friends, family and some from strangers! Now lets be realistic, at this time in my life I’m not even close to planning a wedding, so having a few crazy ideas is absolutely fine, right? But it got me thinking about how even though more and more people are choosing to have non traditional weddings, somehow they are still not deemed acceptable. But why? If you love weddings  with a difference (and if you don’t, this might change you mind!) you should check out Rock n Roll Bride and Rock My Wedding for some gorgeous inspiration.

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A peek into a boudoir shoot…

I’ve done boudoir shoots before, I love them, they are classy, sexy and beautiful! But this time around I wanted to do it slightly differently, all of my other shoots have been mainly lingerie and sexy poses based, I wanted to have a more laid back approach this time. I feel that a lot of women don’t feel like they should, could or would have a boudoir photo shoot and that’s a shame. They can be really fun, inspiring and confidence boosting! I wanted to do a shoot with a little more clothes, a softer style but still sexy! I want to show people that boudoir can be whatever you want it to be, and it’s all about getting beautiful photos of you. You don’t have to wait until you are the right age, or weight, or even for the right occasion, you don’t need a reason to have stunning images that show off your looks!

I recently did a shoot with Becca, we decided on a lingerie shoot, but with a huge jumper for modesty and a bit of tongue in cheek. Becca was so lovely to photograph, she was a complete natural even though boudoir was fairly new to her. I love how sweet the blushing smiley photos are, and in contrast how strong and sexy some of the others are. I feel like it shows a different side to boudoir and I love it!

What do you think?

Becca, Model, Lingerie, Natural, Soft, Beautiful, Boudoir, Little Waltham, Chelmsford, Studio (12)

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Clara & Paul’s Sneak Peeks

I’ve had an absolutely brilliant day at Clara and Paul’s wedding. I want to say congratulations to the bride and groom and here are a few sneak peeks of the day!

Clara, Paul, Braintree, Wedding, Bocking Gardens, Benson's Bar, soft, natural, romantic, happy (1)

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