Boudoir – A Home Visit!

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, around 4 weeks! I don’t like to let things slack but sometimes grown up life gets in the way (boo!).  However I am back now and more inspired than ever, I have some treats for you, including a newsletter (sign up here), my new boudoir venture with Natalie, a shoot where I am in front of the camera, promo images and more! There is so much going on, you really can’t afford to miss it!

I recently did another boudoir shoot with Natalie, and this time we did a home visit. This is something that we offer if you feel you would be more comfortable at home, or you have an amazingly decorated bedroom (like this lovely lady did!). Of course we are limited by space and lighting so that is always something to keep in mind if you would like a shoot like this.

You can imagine how excited I was when Sophie sent me this photo of her bedroom, every boudoir dream was fulfilled I think!


We arrived at the lovely Sophie’s house in the evening armed with lights, make up and other equipment! Her and her husband recently bought the house and are currently doing it up, it’s looking amazing by the way! We headed up to the bedroom where Natalie began the make up, and I set up my lights and studied the room.

Sophie was so relaxed, she was chatty and bubbly and the three of us got on like a house on fire! We had music in the background, and there were many laughs throughout the evening! It really felt like catching up with an old friend, in fact we have had many ladies say that especially during the make over process, our boudoir feels like getting ready for a girl’s night out!

Hours passed before we realised it was getting late and should probably head home, time had really run away from us! We quickly packed up, said our goodbyes and headed home to back up the images!

Sophie got married last Friday and I just wanted to congratulate her, and I hope she had an amazing day! I’m sure she looked just as stunning as she does in her boudoir images.






What do you think? Would you have a boudoir shoot? Would you prefer home or studio?


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