Boudoir Images – looking classy and sexy!

Now, at the beginning of the summer I did say that I would be doing some more photo shoots and especially some boudoir stuff. Unfortunately with a new part time job and a lot of pieces to pick up from the end of second year I haven’t got around to much. What I have got however, is more clarity, less stress, and more money to spend on camera stuff (can I get a woop?!).

I have however managed to do one portraiture shoot (not including the wedding and the shoot I did for that bride) and it turned out to be a pretty great one at that! Coral had seen that I was advertising for women to do boudoir images and decided she wanted to feel more confident about herself and her body. She said to me ‘I love these images, I came to you so I could feel confident and sexy and that’s exactly how these pictures make me feel!’

I would like to share some with you as I think they are stunning, thankyou Coral for being such a beautiful and easy going model!

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