C is for crochet!

Recently I learnt how to crochet after  seeing everyone’s crochet mood blankets on Instagram! They looked so beautiful and fun to make, and I just had to see if I would be able to pick it up easily. Luckily, with a bit of patience I managed to learn to crochet.

These are some of my makes;

IMAG3398_1IMAG3399_1IMAG3400_1 (1)





So far I have made squares for blankets, flowers and bunting and I am finding it a lot of fun. It’s always good to have a hobby, and now I have quite a few! The only downside is that I find crochet so addictive it is hard to stop and I’ll be there for hours!

Recently my friend had a fancy dress party for her 21st birthday.  As her name is Coral, she decided that everyone should dress up as something beginning with the letter ‘C’. I struggled with this more than I thought and trawled the internet for ideas, my two favourites were a Crayola Crayon (which was badly made so I sent it back), and a champagne bottle, which was too expensive at the time!

I then had a great idea to turn the crochet blanket I had been working on into a fancy dress costume for the party, so I sized it up and sewed it together. I added straps by sewing squares together and attaching them to the main garment. I then fitted mini ball of wool to a head band and tied crochet hooks into it.

Here is the finished project!  I had lots of compliments and it was really fun to make and wear. What do you think? What would you go as?


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