Canon Powershot S110 Review

This time last year I was preparing to go to Disney World! Which you can read all about here. Sadly, this year I am not doing anything as exciting, but I am preparing for another trip. I asked my boyfriend to book a little getaway for us for my birthday and surprise me with it, so far I *think* we are going to France, and that it will be Christmas themed (I LOVE Christmas). One of the many things that I am going to pack is my Canon Powershot S110, the best compact camera that I have ever owned. I bought this camera in September last year, in time for my Disney trip – and it was perfect!

Since it has been a year since I bought the camera I thought it would be a great time to do a review as I have frequently used it over the past year. One of the many reasons that this camera is perfect for me is because it is easily portable and can fit in my bag or pocket. This is so important because I love my DSLRs but they are big and heavy and I feel like I can’t always enjoy the moment if I am lugging them around. However I have found that most compact cameras do not have the quality I want – until the Powershot S110. This camera is my baby and I take it practically everywhere.

One of the best features is the manual functions, you can change ISO, shutter speed, aperture and create your own settings for the lighting that you want, rather than relying on the auto setting which doesn’t always have desired results.  I like the way the pop up flash meters with the ambient lighting and doesn’t create a bright over exposed image. I also like that you can turn the flash completely off and just use the camera settings to adjust lighting for your photos. There is a video function which is useful, and the microphone on the camera is better than you would expect for a small device. The quality of this camera is similar to my DSLRs, or at least I think so, it has 12 megapixels and thanks to the manual functions I am taking better photos than I ever have on a compact camera.

Last but not least, there is a wi-fi function which allows you to upload photos to Facebook, Canon Gateway, and a couple of other sites. I found this useful for backing up images, or saving them to email on my phone using the Canon Gateway app (this was particularly useful when I didn’t have a laptop with me on holiday). This function however, should not be one of the main reasons that you choose this camera, as it is quite slow and can be temperamental.

Overall I think this is the best compact camera I have ever used. At £300 it is an investment but well worth it I feel. This model is one of the older ones as they have now brought out the S120 which I have heard has a few updates. I will leave you with a range of images I have taken with this lovely little camera.


001_IMG_0596 006_IMG_0591 014_IMG_0583 020_IMG_0426 085_IMG_0361 105_IMG_0341 107_IMG_0339 2013-09-27 12.56.53
IMG_0053 IMG_0035 IMG_0207ed IMG_0124 IMG_0132 IMG_0161


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