New products – Gifts and more!

Recently I have been ordering from a few small businesses and I have been loving it! I absolutely love supporting small businesses, just like myself, and I usually find that their products and customer service are second to none. There were two things that I particularly wanted to help further my business at this moment in time, one was a stamp to help me with packaging, and the other was a gift voucher.

The stamp I have already use quite a lot within my business, as you can see here! I love it, I really do feel like it is a luxury product, and even though I am new to stamping, it came with a little product card with information on how to get the best results and store it properly. It came on a lovely acrylic block which made stamping so easy, and the whole thing looks really nice and posh too! I bought this stamp from Clarise Crafts (mine’s the biggest one incase you wondered), who also has a huge range of all things craft related. Thanks to this website I have the stamping bug and keep thinking of things that I can stamp!


Image by Clarise Crafts

I also wanted to show you my new beautiful gift vouchers! I hadn’t really thought about these before, until I was thinking about exhibiting at a local pamper evening. I wanted to find a way that I could still make bookings without the pressure sales you often get at events like that! For me, the evening was a way to find new clients (I had a sign up sheet for my newsletter) and potentially secure some bookings, but I really didn’t want to give the hard sell, I really hate that.

So I decided some gift vouchers would really help with that, for me, it’s almost like a deposit from the customer, and for them it’s a non restricting way to show their interest in my services. The vouchers look really nice and are a great gift, especially to someone who has reached a new milestone in their life (e.g engaged, new baby).


Image by Clarise Crafts

The gift vouchers were also designed and printed by Clarise crafts. I absolutely love them! What do you think about my new additions to my business?

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Small Business Appreciation – Crafty Carrie

I have seen this on a few blogs now, and I rely very heavily on other small businesses for many things, from personal purchases such as ornaments and hair accessories, to logos and business buys. I want to start showing my appreciation for the other small businesses that I use and that inspire me. I am starting off with someone who I see quite a lot of on Facebook, and I LOVE seeing her new makes, I also bought a fairy from her at Christmas for the tree which was beautiful!

Crafty CarrieĀ 


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2015 Resolutions

2014 has been a year of many changes and many achievements, I began the year in my final year and University and will finish with all the tools I need to launch my Photography business. Although New Years resolutions are often overdone and boring, on a personal note they are important to reflect on the year and see how far I have come. Last year I fulfilled most of the things on my list, with a few exceptions and this year I hope to do the same!

1.) Fully launch my business, advertise and book in clients throughout the year.

2.) Be creative in photographing, shoot more, liaise with other creatives.

3.) Do a photography course, read some books, learn more skills.

4.) Keep saving for a house.

5.) Keep crocheting and finish projects!

So there you go, a small list this year because I feel I have achieved so much already! Small but important things to me that I hope to carry out in the coming months – watch this space!

Flyer photography Vicky Lauder Flyer Back side

What are you New Year’s Resolutions?

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Scott Kelby Professional Portrait Retouching Review

I’ve never been a retoucher, and I never will! However I really wanted to get a little retouching under my belt as I’ve been shooting more images that have a fashion look. I have tried many YouTube video tutorials but I just didn’t have the time or patience to learn it. I then found a book by Scott Kelby that I thought looked really good so I bought it.

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Looking into Fashion Advertising

Well it’s a few weeks into uni and I am already feeling the strain! I *think* I have decided to do my dissertation about fashion advertising and the way they advertise using different mediums of photography and film! A bit lengthy I realise but I really need something to sink my teeth into as my deadlines are only a few weeks away.

Anyway, while I have been working away I came upon a very interesting article which shocked me.

This article is all about how H&M use mannequins to advertise their clothes and digitally adding skin and hair to make them look like real models. I find this strange as wouldn’t it be much more work and bother than to get a few models in for the clothes?! Surely showing mannequins makes the clothing less ‘real,’ it falls in different ways to how it would on a human body and quite frankly it can just look weird.

The article says that H&M have commented and said that their message is clear ‘buy our clothes not our models’ but I think that is a fairly weak thing to say on such a controversial subject. I for one am not attempting to start a debate but do find it strange that they have not used human beings in this particular ad campaign, and if it was just to save money they should simply say so and avoid the media backlash.

My favourite online clothing sites are the ones that state the height of the model and the size of the clothing they are wearing so it is easier to compare yourself and work out how it will look on you. As much as I agree young girls can be impressionable and think they need to look like the models advertising the clothes, there are many tools out there that can help you decide whether a dress will suit you. For me, it is more about looking at how the clothing sits on a woman and using dressing fitting tools and virtual fitting rooms to see how it will look on me.

My final thought on the subject is why take the fun out of fashion photography. At this rate no one will need models because we can graphically design them to be whatever we want them to be, boring or what? I only hope this does not become a trend or I may be out of a job, I wouldn’t have thought those mannequins were much fun to photograph, what with their bubbly personalities!

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