Good old catch up!

Well firstly, a lot of things have happened since my last post, I’ll try to fit most of it in!

My mermaid shoot went very well and I had an amazing assistant, Robyn from my class! The wind and rain was so strong, the lights had to be covered by waterproof sheets and they very nearly blew away! Here is one of the shots!

I also had a LOT of problems with my Analogue project, what with shooting about 7 films overall and only 2 coming out ! I finally got some images for my project, and when working late one night I ruined one of them. Luckily I manage to make it right or else I’d be off to uni much earlier than I would have wanted.

I have also just finished my essay which is due in about a week – yay!
Then I left for Christmas break and overall I had a lovely Christmas and got some great gifts!

I also had a brilliant New Years Eve with my friends from home which was priceless for me and made me realise you don’t always get enough moments in life to just enjoy yourself!

I alssssssssssssoooooooooooo did some more work ­čśë and went to The Photographers Gallery in London. I paid to shoot the target and managed to hit it which triggered a camera and took a photo of me – such fun!

Look at my cute little camera case I got from the National Gallery Gift Shop!

Well that’s all for now, I will post when I am back at uni!

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First Lecture – Analogue

Well my first lecture of the term was last week and it was Analogue. Goodness me, there was a lot to take in. We originally spoke about cameras and aperture, lighting, light meters and all the technical things. Then she passed us all a camera and said ‘go and shoot’ – and that’s what we did.

It’s a shame because I didn’t pay too much attention to the names of the camera we were using – must find out next week.

Anyway I started with a medium format camera, possible a 6×7? It was fun and cool to use however a bit fiddly and was difficult to remember to do everything before we took the picture.

The second camera I used was a semi automatic/digital type thing also using 120mm film, you input all the aperture and shutter speed digitally so I felt much more comfortable with it but not quite as ‘cool’ as using the other one.

Next week we will develop the film and hopefully print a little so we can see how the pictures turned out. This could be a main factor in deciding whether I will use 35mm or 120mm for my final project.

In terms of my final project I have no idea what to do ! But I was throwing around ideas about mind games, and in just googling the name of the project ‘The Games We Play,’ I have decided to buy this book to help with inspiration.

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The beginning of Analogue!

Last week I started my analogue project with the theme ‘Decay’. ┬áHaving ┬ánever done any film work before, it proved a little tricky at first. I felt very at home with shooting on a film camera, however when it came to developing a film and printing – I had many problems. All in all i think i did a pretty good job on my first attempts, and here are a few images that i managed to do.

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