30th Birthday Party

Last month I photographed a 30th birthday party. It was only the second event I have done but it went really well. I knew since it was a 30th birthday there would be lots of girls who would probably want some group photos. Because of this, I brought my extra large material backdrop so I could fit everyone in. Even then, they challenged that with some pretty large groups!

I really love the way that the backdrop drapes down creating a rather luxurious look, and adding an elegant element to the images. All of the guests loved the idea of the backdrop and couldn’t wait to get a picture. I had a lot of fun photographing the evening and the birthday girl and her friends all seemed to really enjoy themselves as well! Once again I used a flash gun to light the images, one on my camera and one on a stand and I thought that it worked really well. It was handy to have such a small stand that I could pick up one handed and move as and when I pleased, it was also small enough to not get in the guest’s way while taking pictures.

FotorCreated FotorCreated2

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