A themed wedding – hot or not?

I recently wrote a post about engagement rings, their cost and worth and whether you should or shouldn’t stick to traditions. Now I’m definitely not a traditional girl, and if you read my previous post you will know that my engagement ring isn’t traditional and that I got engaged in Disney World! I also previously mentioned a Disney themed wedding, once again I definitely want that when the time comes.  Although getting married at Disney World, Florida would also be amazing, it can be very very expensive!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having opinions, in fact the world would be so boring if everyone was the same, but I have had some very bad reactions to the idea of a themed wedding. Some from my friends, family and some from strangers! Now lets be realistic, at this time in my life I’m not even close to planning a wedding, so having a few crazy ideas is absolutely fine, right? But it got me thinking about how even though more and more people are choosing to have non traditional weddings, somehow they are still not deemed acceptable. But why? If you love weddings  with a difference (and if you don’t, this might change you mind!) you should check out Rock n Roll Bride and Rock My Wedding for some gorgeous inspiration.

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My Christmas Photos in Full

I know it has been a month since Christmas and I daren’t even utter that word again until late November! However I put all of my Christmas images on Facebook which seriously compresses images, so I wanted to show you my images in full glory – here they are! Make Up is by my talented sister and friend Georgie and Natalie!

IMG_9520edit IMG_9498edit

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Christmas Cheer : Baking and Decorating

Every month I collect the Asda magazine which has recipes in it, I cut them out and stick them in my Recipe book that one of my friends made me. This month, with Christmas around the corner I decided that I would make some of the ideas in the book.  The first recipe is Star Stained Glass Biscuits.

Stained glass star biscuits

This simple but beautiful way of baking biscuits is one that I absolutely love! It’s fairly simple but makes them look so pretty and makes a great gift for Christmas, I love receiving baked goodies as a present! My favourite thing about these biscuits is the way the light shines through them and makes them come to life. The recipe was so simple to make, infact the hardest part was smashing the boiled sweets, now that was really hard work!


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Deck The Halls

In the lead up to Christmas I knew I wanted to do a Christmas Shoot so as soon as my birthday was out the way I began planning it! I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to do but I knew that is had to involved fairy lights, a Christmas tree and LOTS of sparkle! I love sparkle and sequins and I currently own three  sequin dresses bought at Christmas time for the last three years.

In the studio we set up blankets and a backdrop and tried to make the scene look as cosy as possible. The lighting was difficult to set up at first as I had real conflict about what I actually wanted. I had the idea of letting the tree lights shine and the image show a warm cosy room, but the model’s were not photographing well in this light. In the end I reverted to bright clean lighting which makes the models look stunning and lights up the image.

I am releasing one image everyday until Christmas Day on my Facebook page, and I will be  putting the rest of the images in a blog post after they have been released.


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Harry Potter Studio Tours

For dad’s birthday we decided to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tours, my sister has wanted to go for a while, and we managed to get half price tickets do thought it would be a good time to go! Now you may disagree but although I like Harry Potter, I have never been a huge fan of the films and so I wondered what it would be like and how much I would enjoy it.

When we got there the Harry Potter theme was playing and there was a huge Christmas tree inside. I liked both the music and the christmas feel and I thought that they made the entrance to the tour extra special. We arrive about half hour early but they were allowing people from all tour times in so we went in earlier than planned.

The first part of the tour includes a Harry Potter badge (yay!) a short film about how the films came about, and a guided tour of The Great Hall. The tour only lasts a few minutes  and the guides explain all about the hall, costumes and props that are shown. The next part of the tour is self guided and you can take as much or as little time as you like.

Some of the tour was more interesting than the other parts. I liked seeing props and how they were used in the movie, and it was cool to see how they did some of the tricks in the film. However it’s worth noting that when you know exactly how some of the more special scenes are done, it may take some of the magic out of it. That being said, it may make you appreciate it even more!

My favourite part of the tour was the green screen brooms and car which made you look like you were flying. We all had a go in the car and the brooms, my dad’s one was the funniest! We had to hold onto the broom and wave our hands in the air while the green screen made it look like we were flying through different landscapes. It is definitely not one to miss.

Overall it was a fun day out, a must for any Harry Potter fan and something a bit different to do.


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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!

So last Thursday was my 22nd birthday and it’s safe to say that I celebrated it in style. What better way to land comfortably into your twenties than to have breakfast with Mickey Mouse! Yes, you read correctly, I spent another year in Disneyland (Paris this time) and I absolutely loved it!

I asked my boyfriend to plan a couple of days away for my birthday this year and surprise me with where we are going. I told him it had to be fun, not too expensive and I wanted to stay away from home for at least one night, and I then left him to it. Little did I know he would let his imagination run away with him and plan a trip to Disney Land Paris! Part of the inspiration for this trip was his 8 year old cousins birthday, for which his parents and aunt and uncle would be going to Disneyland, once he heard that he knew I would be so jealous! We had a drink with them on the Friday evening and spent a few hours in the park with them on the Saturday too.

Our trip was from Wednesday 19th until Sunday 23rd November and although short and sweet I felt it was just long enough and we had a great time. We travelled by Eurotunnel and it took less than half an hour to get through the crossing! The drive to Paris was about 3 hours but it really didn’t seem too long. On my birthday we had breakfast at Cafe Mickeys which is a character breakfast buffet, where Mickey and friends come to your table for photo opportunities. I love character breakfasts and I love the meet and greats, it’s fun seeing your favourite characters from films come to life!

And it’s official, I am such a big kid!


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Cake Pops – Christmas Style!

So, for my birthday my cousin bought me a cake pop maker! It’s so cool and easy to use, plus the cakes are really yummy! All you do is make a normal cake mix, wait for the make to heat up and then pour the mixture in. You wait about 5 minutes for them to cook, and then let them cool before removing them.


I made candy cane ones, and reindeer ones!
The candy cane ones were really easy, and really delicious. I bought some white chocolate cake covering (available in most supermarkets) and melted it. I then dipped mini peppermint candy canes into the cake covering and pushed them into the cakes to make the handles. To set them I left them in the fridge for 10 minutes. You can use the freezer to but as it was nearly Christmas we had no room!




I then melted more covering and dipped the whole cake into it, getting an even covering. You can see here that I tried to then dip them in marshmallows but it didn’t really work as they were too heavy. I had to hang them to dry on a stick after.


Then onto the reindeer ones. I melted a milk chocolate cake covering and dipped plastic lolly sticks (available from most baking shops) into it. I pushed the sticks into the cakes and left them in the fridge to set. Then I melted more covering and dipped the cakes in them.



To finish off the reindeers I used a black gel icing pen for the eyes, a candy covered peanut for the nose, and pretzels for the ears.









I took them to a family Christmas party and they went down a treat, everybody loved them!

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