My first pamper evening!

I had never been to a pamper evening before as I’ve never really been into beauty! But after my sister began studying beauty therapy I found myself having lots of different treatments (some of which not by choice!). Now I get free treatments I must admit I still do not go to pamper evenings or other events like it, however I think they are a really great way to meet new people, get yourself pampers and try out new treatments at bargain prices. I recently advertised at a local pamper evening in East Hanningfield, it was a really lovely evening held in the local village hall. I spoke to a few people about my work and now have a few leads to follow up. I didn’t have time to have any treatments done but I did make the most of the yummy cakes on offer, they were amazing! I would definitely go to another pamper evening and have a treatment or two done, some of them sounded really interesting and the prices were really good too!




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Small Business Appreciation – Clara’s Folding Book Art

Yippee ! It’s Clara & Paul’s wedding day today and as you are reading this I am already photographing the bridal prep! I have got to know Clara and Paul really well in the lead up to their wedding and I am just so excited for this day. Keep you eyes peeled for a few sneak peeks of their wedding day later tonight!

This is the third instalment in small business appreciation, I really like doing this because it shows talent of people who may not be seen by a large audience, and it’s a pat on the back for those who work so hard running their own business.

I had seen a few book folds and thought they looked nice and wasn’t too bothered. Then Clara invited me to like her Facebook Page and I saw some of her designs – they are amazing! I wouldn’t be surprised if she could book fold almost anything that you ask her to. Here are some examples:


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Small Business Appreciation – Crafty Carrie

I have seen this on a few blogs now, and I rely very heavily on other small businesses for many things, from personal purchases such as ornaments and hair accessories, to logos and business buys. I want to start showing my appreciation for the other small businesses that I use and that inspire me. I am starting off with someone who I see quite a lot of on Facebook, and I LOVE seeing her new makes, I also bought a fairy from her at Christmas for the tree which was beautiful!

Crafty Carrie 


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A baby shower and a bear hat

Yesterday was my friend Coral’s baby shower and it was great fun. We have been looking forward to this for weeks and really enjoyed looking a little outfits for the baby and gifts to get her. I was particularly excited as I had been working away crocheting a little set for the baby, a blanket, mittens, a hat and little booties. I have been so impatient to show her but wanted to wait until the day to give it to her. Another reason I am excited about this is because I have a baby bump shoot with Coral tomorrow! It will be my first shoot of that type for over 3 years and it is very special to me as Coral is the first one of use to have a baby. I feel honoured that she chose me to photograph this special time in her life.

At the baby shower we played lots of games and ate lots of nibbles. Coral received lots of lovely presents and some very useful things to help her out with the baby. Her and her partner were both extremely pleased with my crochet gifts and it really made my day!

2014-09-29 21.40.00


Check back next week to see my images from the baby bump shoot!


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Mannequin Project

My latest project is to use mannequins and I found a couple on Ebay. The black one came yesterday and hopefully the beige one will come today! I think it looks really good and is gonna be great for my project!



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Tutorial; photographing craft products


I am part of a huge craft community on Facebook and I love it. They are all so creative and have a great influence on me as they are creating something new everyday and it reminds me to stay in touch with my creative self!

They have asked me to do a tutorial on how to best photograph their craft projects so I thought I would blog it for everyone to share!

Firstly, choose your background well, in these images I have chosen a background that goes with the colour scheme of the items and does not distract away from what it is.

blue scottie dog wooden keyring  Hallloween cake necklace with pumpkin

I have before chosen to photograph products on a white background and do some editing in photoshop, but I prefer more natural images.
keyring polka dot cake slice with teacup and teapot
These are two badly lit images that I tried to save which a bit of editing on Photoshop. They are a bit overexposed but you couldn’t really see them otherwise. I don’t really like the white background personally as I think it looks too set up and plain, however that is simply a personal opinion and you could make a white background look great! I added some polka dots to the images which I thought made it look more interesting and matched the colours. If you have simple Paint or Photoshop skills you can use the eye dropped to pick a colour from the items and use the elipse tool to create the dots. If you need any help with this comment below!

Secondly, make sure that you have good lighting. I prefer natural light as it looks better, but I understand that juggling full time jobs with crafting means that you often don’t get home in the daylight! Whatever you do please don’t photograph your products in the dark where you can barely see them, it does not do them justice and buyers may be put off it they can not see it properly.

                              yellow pencil  dangle earings
Natural Light


Christmas cake keyring with red berries and holly
Artificial Light

You need to use the best quality camera or phone that you have, and you need an idea of how to
use it, play around with the settings and see what works for you.

If you need extra lighting inside, place your item on your background and put a lamp close to it. Point the lamp towards the object and check to see if any important parts are in shadow, if they are, adjust the light so you can see most of the details. If need be you can use more than one lamp to evenly light the object.

Thirdly you need to work out what angles work best with your product and it’s always good to take a few from different angles to show the best of you hard work.
red present earings with bright green ribbon

This is definitely all about trial and error but don’t forget if you have important details on your products that they need to be on show and perhaps even photographed close up. Try to vary the images and do close ups paired with longer shots.

Finally it is all about the final image. Check if there are any marks in the background and if they are distracting, re shoot.

Make sure that the products look their best and are true to how they look in real life, this is SO important as it can be a deal breaker for some people. If you find that you can’t reproduce the colours as well as you hoped, you can put a caption on the image saying that colours may vary in real life. This just protects you a little.

Check that the product is in focus, and that it is clear and sharp.

Cropping is very important, if the picture has too much background around the item it may look small and insignificant so it’s often better to take images closer up. You also need to decide whether you take your images in Landscape or Portrait, whichever looks best with the product.

Christmas cake necklace with holly and berries

I hope that has helped you all out and if you have any questions just comment below!

Incase you wondered these gorgeous items are all from my mum’s Etsy Shop check it out!

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Piglet’s snuffle truffles!

In the second installment of my baking adventures with Disney baking magazine I decided to do something a little bit more simple than the Mickey cookies last time. I was really tired from working and London Fashion Week so I wanted something quick and easy. By the time I was finished I felt like this;

Miles Aldridge

I had received the second and third issues with the gifts in the post. I also got the binder, it’s lovely but so fiddly to put together!

I love love love the Winnie the Pooh moulds so I decided to make chocolates with them. I bought some chopped hazelnuts which I put in the mixture as I love chocolate and nuts!





They could be a little more refined, to be honest we were a little bit sloppy with them but I LOVE them! They look so cute and they would be perfect party favours or something like that. The only thing that I was not sure of was that we made too much chocolate and ran out of moulds! They don’t take long to set so you could make a few.
We also made Piglet’s Snuffle Truffles which has the cutest name! They were so yummy and only took about 10 minutes to put together, but about 2 hours to set! They were a bit of a nightmare because we made them at about 8pm and had to wait to set. I think we could have let them set a little more before rolling them into balls because they were a little sticky! You are supposed to dust them in pink icing sugar but we couldn’t find any colouring ( sad face). we instead used cocoa powder and chopped hazelnuts. They were delicious and they even got the seal of approval from my mum who has been looking for the perfect truffle for years!


I forgot to take a picture but here’s what they should look like!

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Upcoming Shoots

Over the summer I will be looking to book shoots and photograph events. If you know of any work I may be interested in please don’t hesistate to get in touch .

Shoots already planned in include a craft fair, rock chick pin ups, Essex Pride, portraiture for websites, and much more – watch this space!

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