2015 Resolutions

2014 has been a year of many changes and many achievements, I began the year in my final year and University and will finish with all the tools I need to launch my Photography business. Although New Years resolutions are often overdone and boring, on a personal note they are important to reflect on the year and see how far I have come. Last year I fulfilled most of the things on my list, with a few exceptions and this year I hope to do the same!

1.) Fully launch my business, advertise and book in clients throughout the year.

2.) Be creative in photographing, shoot more, liaise with other creatives.

3.) Do a photography course, read some books, learn more skills.

4.) Keep saving for a house.

5.) Keep crocheting and finish projects!

So there you go, a small list this year because I feel I have achieved so much already! Small but important things to me that I hope to carry out in the coming months – watch this space!

Flyer photography Vicky Lauder Flyer Back side

What are you New Year’s Resolutions?

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A baby shower and a bear hat

Yesterday was my friend Coral’s baby shower and it was great fun. We have been looking forward to this for weeks and really enjoyed looking a little outfits for the baby and gifts to get her. I was particularly excited as I had been working away crocheting a little set for the baby, a blanket, mittens, a hat and little booties. I have been so impatient to show her but wanted to wait until the day to give it to her. Another reason I am excited about this is because I have a baby bump shoot with Coral tomorrow! It will be my first shoot of that type for over 3 years and it is very special to me as Coral is the first one of use to have a baby. I feel honoured that she chose me to photograph this special time in her life.

At the baby shower we played lots of games and ate lots of nibbles. Coral received lots of lovely presents and some very useful things to help her out with the baby. Her and her partner were both extremely pleased with my crochet gifts and it really made my day!

2014-09-29 21.40.00


Check back next week to see my images from the baby bump shoot!


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C is for crochet!

Recently I learnt how to crochet after ¬†seeing everyone’s crochet mood blankets on Instagram!¬†They looked so beautiful and fun to make, and I just had to see if I would be able to pick it up easily. Luckily, with a bit of patience I managed to learn to crochet.

These are some of my makes;

IMAG3398_1IMAG3399_1IMAG3400_1 (1)





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