Small Business Appreciation – Clara’s Folding Book Art

Yippee ! It’s Clara & Paul’s wedding day today and as you are reading this I am already photographing the bridal prep! I have got to know Clara and Paul really well in the lead up to their wedding and I am just so excited for this day. Keep you eyes peeled for a few sneak peeks of their wedding day later tonight!

This is the third instalment in small business appreciation, I really like doing this because it shows talent of people who may not be seen by a large audience, and it’s a pat on the back for those who work so hard running their own business.

I had seen a few book folds and thought they looked nice and wasn’t too bothered. Then Clara invited me to like her Facebook Page and I saw some of her designs – they are amazing! I wouldn’t be surprised if she could book fold almost anything that you ask her to. Here are some examples:


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Small Business Appreciation – Loving Dot

This is my second post of this type and it was so hard to choose who my next one would be! But from looking through my Instagram Feed (I follow loads of incredibly talented people there), there was one lady that stood out. I found Bethany from Loving Dot through another person on Instagram and I’m so glad I did! The most inspiring thing about her is that she is only 17, working her way through college and her own business, and now she has an offer to go to university! I admire her courage, business sense, motivation and her beautiful design work.

Bethany’s website Loving Dot has many beautiful item including design work, nail transfers, pocket mirrors, badges, prints and much more!


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Small Business Appreciation – Crafty Carrie

I have seen this on a few blogs now, and I rely very heavily on other small businesses for many things, from personal purchases such as ornaments and hair accessories, to logos and business buys. I want to start showing my appreciation for the other small businesses that I use and that inspire me. I am starting off with someone who I see quite a lot of on Facebook, and I LOVE seeing her new makes, I also bought a fairy from her at Christmas for the tree which was beautiful!

Crafty Carrie 


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Re-branding Reveal

So as you may or may not know I have been changing the style of my brand for a good few months. It feels like it has taken forever but I can finally say that I feel that I have pretty much everything ready to launch my business looking exactly how I want it to. I began in 2010 with a pretty simple design made with Photoshop brushes and colours I liked, in 2012 whilst studying at university I did an overhaul on my branding as part of one of my professional modules.  I didn’t enlist any help for either of these, I didn’t know any graphic designers and as a student I didn’t have the money to pay for design services.

I’m not sure what made me want to change my design, but I wanted something sleek, grown up and something that showed my target audience who I am and what I am about. So I enlisted the help of a graphic designer that I had seen on Facebook, she did her degree at the same university as me, but we have never met in real life! I gave her an idea of the colours that I wanted and we spoke about what I really wanted to get from the logo design. After that I also paid her to design and create my website, business cards and social media logos.

I love my logo, I feel it is perfect, it really suits me and my brand. I also like that I have a logo for my photography and one for my boudoir photography which means I could have a separate website for each if I wanted to. My website took the longest of all, I found it daunting and really didn’t know what I want, I found that it was easier once the bulk of it was done – I could then pick out what I liked and what I didn’t. Now I have a working website, logo, business cards and pretty much everything I need for my business.



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A whole new brand

Don’t get me wrong, I love my website, my colours and the overall look of my brand.

However I feel like it needs polishing, making more professional or even just a little more ‘grown up.’ For this, I have enlisted the help of Graphic Designer Christina from Ivy Belle Designs. I have spoken to her about a logo design that I can use to tie in my website, social media and print advertising, along with keeping my colour scheme and simplifying it. I have also asked her to re-design my website and business cards for me. This is a huge job and will take some time but I feel it is very worthwhile and will help me to convey who I am and what my photography is about through my branding.


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Mannequin Project

My latest project is to use mannequins and I found a couple on Ebay. The black one came yesterday and hopefully the beige one will come today! I think it looks really good and is gonna be great for my project!



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Staying on track

Now I know as well as the next person that I am human, and I cannot remember all number of things that are going on in my every day life, let alone my mum’s, friends or boyfriend’s. I find it so difficult to keep up with everyone and everything I know I would be lost without my amazing planners and diaries, (yes I have more than one diary!). Now I am a little bit over the top with my calendars as I have a weekly one desktop one, a weekly one for my handbag, a monthly online one and a giant wall planner in my bedroom. But I cannot stress enough how much easier these make my life. I use my wall planner for every part of my life, university, work, dinner dates, aqua fit, shopping lists, birthdays and sooo much more. It’s so simple to have every aspect of your life written down where you can compare them and see how much you have going on. Now, some may say it is tedious, boring or even too restrictive, but it really only takes a few minutes of your day to get organised and it can be a life saver. My favourite planners are my weekly desktop and my yearly wall. The wall planner is so important because although it can be daunting to see a year of your life mapped out, it can also help you see how close that 6 month deadline really is, or how much money, time or energy you will need over a certain few months. I designed mine myself using photoshop and downloadable calendars, but you can get them from Staples, Ebay and Amazon. Happy Planning!



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Piglet’s snuffle truffles!

In the second installment of my baking adventures with Disney baking magazine I decided to do something a little bit more simple than the Mickey cookies last time. I was really tired from working and London Fashion Week so I wanted something quick and easy. By the time I was finished I felt like this;

Miles Aldridge

I had received the second and third issues with the gifts in the post. I also got the binder, it’s lovely but so fiddly to put together!

I love love love the Winnie the Pooh moulds so I decided to make chocolates with them. I bought some chopped hazelnuts which I put in the mixture as I love chocolate and nuts!





They could be a little more refined, to be honest we were a little bit sloppy with them but I LOVE them! They look so cute and they would be perfect party favours or something like that. The only thing that I was not sure of was that we made too much chocolate and ran out of moulds! They don’t take long to set so you could make a few.
We also made Piglet’s Snuffle Truffles which has the cutest name! They were so yummy and only took about 10 minutes to put together, but about 2 hours to set! They were a bit of a nightmare because we made them at about 8pm and had to wait to set. I think we could have let them set a little more before rolling them into balls because they were a little sticky! You are supposed to dust them in pink icing sugar but we couldn’t find any colouring ( sad face). we instead used cocoa powder and chopped hazelnuts. They were delicious and they even got the seal of approval from my mum who has been looking for the perfect truffle for years!


I forgot to take a picture but here’s what they should look like!

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Introducing…Georgina’s Beauty and Make up!

My sister is a beauty therapist and a make up artist, and a very good one at that! I must say it comes in VERY handy and I get to have all the treatments I may want done in the salon, at home. This is her flyer in the making;
 This is her Facebook page. Her blog. and her Website!

She has done my make up many a times as I have no patience with any beauty regime. She always does it exactly how I want it and believe me when I say I can be a tricky customer!



Georgina has also done other beauty treatments on me including waxing and eye brow shaping. My favourite is gel nails! She has recently started to do gel nails and they are amazing! They last around 2 weeks before they start to grow out and are basically chip free! This is the best thing about them as I am so heavy handed and ruin a normal manicure almost as soon as she has done it. Not these though, these last so long and have a beautiful shiny finish.


So if you are based around Essex and you need a Make Up artist don’t hesitate to get in touch with her!

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