Bridal Boudoir

I photographed Clara’s wedding in March, it was a beautiful day, the weather was kind to us, and her dress was absolutely beautiful! We thought it would be fun and cheeky to do a bridal boudoir shoot, using some of the accessories from her big day and also her hen do. We chose a range of tasteful poses which look elegant but still sexy. I guided Clara into the poses, working around any problematic areas that she felt she had (none, she’s stunning!), meaning that she could be as comfortable as possible during the shoot.  My close friend and amazing make up artist  Natalie did Clara’s make up and she did an amazing job getting the balance between neutral bridal make up and enough make up to show up on camera with the bright lighting set up.

What Clara says:

‘I recently had my very first boudoir shoot with Vicky. Now I’m one of those woman that isn’t completely happy with her body. So as you can imagine the nerves where kicking in couple days before. Before we started Vicky and Natalie were making me laugh and are very giggly. (This helped a lot) By the time I got changed after having my make up done by Natalie, I started to feel so much more relaxed. All the way through, Vicky kept asking if I was ok. She did make me laugh. Got me bending in places I haven’t tried in years. I loved doing the boudoir shoot. It’s great fun and so different. Vicky and Natalie make you feel so comfortable. I would love to do it again!’

Before After 3

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A peek into a boudoir shoot…

I’ve done boudoir shoots before, I love them, they are classy, sexy and beautiful! But this time around I wanted to do it slightly differently, all of my other shoots have been mainly lingerie and sexy poses based, I wanted to have a more laid back approach this time. I feel that a lot of women don’t feel like they should, could or would have a boudoir photo shoot and that’s a shame. They can be really fun, inspiring and confidence boosting! I wanted to do a shoot with a little more clothes, a softer style but still sexy! I want to show people that boudoir can be whatever you want it to be, and it’s all about getting beautiful photos of you. You don’t have to wait until you are the right age, or weight, or even for the right occasion, you don’t need a reason to have stunning images that show off your looks!

I recently did a shoot with Becca, we decided on a lingerie shoot, but with a huge jumper for modesty and a bit of tongue in cheek. Becca was so lovely to photograph, she was a complete natural even though boudoir was fairly new to her. I love how sweet the blushing smiley photos are, and in contrast how strong and sexy some of the others are. I feel like it shows a different side to boudoir and I love it!

What do you think?

Becca, Model, Lingerie, Natural, Soft, Beautiful, Boudoir, Little Waltham, Chelmsford, Studio (12)

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Moody Lighting and a Modelling Portfolio

Becca came to me with a need for some more photos for her modelling portfolio, as her current ones were a few years old. The brief she gave me was simple yet strict, she wanted photos that show her modelling experience in the best way. The lighting she wanted was a low key style, with highlights and shadows, a step away from the flatter way I usually light images. Finally, she wanted a few different poses, some simple headshots and any other ideas that I could come up with. For me this was an exciting challenge, I have loved fashion images since I started uni and have always admired other photographers who work in this style. However I have always found my images to be fashion ‘styled’ as they are not as high fashion as the magazines!

But these images I feel, really made the difference.  With a little encouragement from Becca to push the boundaries with the lighting, and a beautiful model, I feel I have created some stunning fashion images. The other great thing about Becca was when I asked her about retouching the images, she told me that she wanted to look like ‘herself,’ she didn’t want me to make her any thinner or change her too much, just some simple skin editing. I really admired that as that is how I love to work, I am not some amazing retoucher and I haven’t had much practise, but more than anything I would hate to take a photo where the outcome looks so different to the beginning image.

What do you think? I personally love them!

IMG_9834 edit

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Photography for a Hair Stylist Competition

I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph a young hair dresser’s beautiful work for competition. Hannah Dolphin cut, coloured and styled Georgina’s hair and it looked absolutely stunning! Georgina also did the make up which looked just as beautiful. Here are the images;

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Introducing…Georgina’s Beauty and Make up!

My sister is a beauty therapist and a make up artist, and a very good one at that! I must say it comes in VERY handy and I get to have all the treatments I may want done in the salon, at home. This is her flyer in the making;
 This is her Facebook page. Her blog. and her Website!

She has done my make up many a times as I have no patience with any beauty regime. She always does it exactly how I want it and believe me when I say I can be a tricky customer!



Georgina has also done other beauty treatments on me including waxing and eye brow shaping. My favourite is gel nails! She has recently started to do gel nails and they are amazing! They last around 2 weeks before they start to grow out and are basically chip free! This is the best thing about them as I am so heavy handed and ruin a normal manicure almost as soon as she has done it. Not these though, these last so long and have a beautiful shiny finish.


So if you are based around Essex and you need a Make Up artist don’t hesitate to get in touch with her!

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Sun, Sea and a rest!

As of today I am off to Kefalonia for a week to have a well deserved break.

 Hope to get some pretty pics although I’m not much of a landscape photographer! Can’t wait for the sun, sea and sand. Not to mention celebrating Georgina’s Beauty & Makeup‘s birthday while we are there! When I get back it is down to editing wedding photos and planning lots more shoots! I would like to do some portraiture over the summer and some Boudoir stuff so if you are interested drop me a message.

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I’m a winner

I rarely ever win things so I was completely surprised when I was informed I had won Telina’s blog giveaway! Go check out her blog, it is a beauty blog so a little different to mine, but I find it really interesting to read. I know some of you may think it’s strange of me to follow beauty blogs as I barely wear make up and I’m never very on trend! However that’s just why I love reading beauty blogs, because I never know what products to use and the reviews are just so good and on point I’m never disappointed with my rare but important purchases. Anyway, I went out the other day and my lovely sister did my make up! She used the MUA palette I won on my eyes (which I gifted to her as she is a beautician and really into make up). I love the colour on my eyes is nice and shimmery! (excuse the quality of the photos I took them on my phone!) I also used the MUA lipstick I won on my lips which I love, such a neutral colour! I have used the pink nail varnish, it’s a lovely colour and only needs one or two coats at a push. I am really excited to try the nail wraps and just need an excuse to try them! The earrings also look super amazing with the colour of my hair! Anyway well done to Telina for getting to 100 followers and thanks for the prize I love it!


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My Fashion Book!

I mentioned a while back about my book that I have made, and when it arrived I had to prepare it for my hand in. But now I can show you it in it’s full glory, and you can buy it from here!

It’s all about fashion and what to wear at festivals, what to bring and tips to help you have a great time!

“Festival season is fast approaching and shopping starts almost as soon as tickets are released. There are some real bargains on the highstreet including clothing, acessories and all the must haves for a good festival season. Here are some tips on your make up, what to wear, how to budget to make your festival experience the best one yet!”


I hope you love it just as much as I do!
Look how perfectly the end sheets match the colouring of the book!
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All Made Up!

Last week I was asked to do a shoot for my sister Georgina who is training to become a beautician, you can see her beauty blog here! She has also just started her make-up page on facebook which is looking great. It was really fun to do something a little different, and it was a challenge to work with someone so close to me. Where do you get the balance between what the client wants and what your style is – should you ever compromise your own style?

Fortunately we discussed the shots and she mainly left me to it creatively. Here are the shots I edited for myself, and if you take a peek at Georgina’s page you can see how I edited the images slightly different so you could get a better view of the make-up she had worked hard on.


And this is a pic of the lovely Georgina!
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My New Years Images!

I decided to do a New Years Resolutions photoshoot with my Make Up Artist Natalie! I only had a few days before I went back to uni so it was only a short shoot a midst my frantic packing! The Ideas were mainly about eating less chocolate, drinking less alcohol and being on time for things. The last image is also a very important one to both of us as it is about growing our businesses together and working together for the future! It’s all very exciting and now it’s all confirmed I would love to announce that we are booking our first wedding of the year and our second ever wedding – wohooo!

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