An intimate gig in Brighton

While we were in Hastings we ventured across to Brighton. We went last year too although didn’t make a full day of it as parking is expensive! I’ve always wanted to go to Brighton as I’ve heard great things about it, but it’s too far from Essex for a day trip really. So as we were in Hastings (about an hour away) we took the opportunity to go.

There was also another reason for wanting to go while we were away, one of my favourite bands Wakey!Wakey! were touring, and since we couldn’t go to the London date, the Brighton one was perfect! When we got to the venue The Latest Music Bar we went down some stairs to a little bar area with seats. It was cosy with candles and fairy lights and made for a great atmosphere! The support act was very good although I apologetically cannot remember the name. Then it was time for Mike (the lead from Wakey!Wakey!) to come and do his set, I was so excited. Because of the small room it was such an intimate gig and I loved it. Mike was amazing and I absolutely loved the acoustic versions of the new album Salvation.


After the gig we waited in the foyer as Mike said he would be doing a meet and greet and I was so disappointed when I didn’t get to meet him at the last gig we were at.

I was waiting in the queue and feeling a bit nervous but I was so excited. For anyone that doesn’t know, Mike had a role in my favourite show One Tree Hill which is where I first discovered him. I think it was a combinatio of loving his music and the fact that he was on One Tree Hill that made it so exciting to meet him. Anyway, I didn’t need to be nervous because he is the loveliest guy ever, so friendly and we had a great chat.

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London Fashion Weekend!

Soooooooo on Saturday I got up really early and headed of to London Fashion weekend! Someone made me aware of the free passes that Park Cameras were giving out on a first come first served basis. As soon as the website opened I signed up and got a place. I was so excited as I had never done anything like this before!

We had to meet at the hotel and bring our signed waiver which said that we had to act accordingly and could not sell our images or use them commercially. Once we were there we were led to a private meeting room for a short talk and were given our passes. May I just say that the staff at the One Aldwych Hotel were so nice an accomodating!

I was really excited to get a press pass and it made me feel very important haha!
We had a talk about the best settings for our camera, our DOs and DON’Ts and general information about the show. Again, the Canon staff were so friendly and made sure that we were happy with our cameras and felt comfortable at the show.
We were then led to Somerset house and allowed into the press pit by the catwalk. I was a bit disappointed that there was not a raised catwalk this year, but I was impressed all the same. These are a few images I snapped while waiting outside.



When the fashion show started I didn’t know what to expect but it was definitely fast! I liked the fact that we sat through two shows of the same collections which meant that we had chance to practice! The Canon staff were on hand at all times to help and this made everyone seem calmer and happier. We were told once we had chosen a spot not to move from it, but there were places at the back that were ample to move from side to side or even step down if you wanted to. I stayed to the left between two people for the first show and had a good angle. However for the second show people just seemed to get in my way and I had to spend a lot of time with my lens zoomed right in so as not to get anyone else’s head in!
Mostly everyone was really friendly and it was nice to meet other photographers and find out what they do. Here is a couple of sneak peeks I sent my friend during the break.
Can I also point out that free Bueno chocolate bars were being given out before and after the shows?! Free chocolate!
The collections themselves were interesting and eye catching although I must admit I didn’t get much chance to look while photographing. My favourite collection was the Pretty In Pink which was so beautiful to capture with the lighting and the soft pastel colours. So beautiful!

























I hope you like my images, I was really proud of them especially for the first time I have ever done anything like that. I used a 70-200mm 2.8 lens which I hired from LensesForHire. I will be doing a blog post review on them.
After the show I took a look around with my press pass and went to a gallery (which I will blog too).
Overall it was an amazing day and I definitely want to go next year. I also got interviewed by Canon, cringe! So if that goes anywhere I will be sure to post it here.







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Boudoir Images – looking classy and sexy!

Now, at the beginning of the summer I did say that I would be doing some more photo shoots and especially some boudoir stuff. Unfortunately with a new part time job and a lot of pieces to pick up from the end of second year I haven’t got around to much. What I have got however, is more clarity, less stress, and more money to spend on camera stuff (can I get a woop?!).

I have however managed to do one portraiture shoot (not including the wedding and the shoot I did for that bride) and it turned out to be a pretty great one at that! Coral had seen that I was advertising for women to do boudoir images and decided she wanted to feel more confident about herself and her body. She said to me ‘I love these images, I came to you so I could feel confident and sexy and that’s exactly how these pictures make me feel!’

I would like to share some with you as I think they are stunning, thankyou Coral for being such a beautiful and easy going model!

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Summer is coming…hopefully!

So it’s been a while but I wanted to write a quick little post about a project I have just finished and my new branding. I have just completed photography book and I can’t wait for it to arrive and to show you all! It’s all about the summer festival season, what to wear, how to do your make-up and how to make the most of the time you have there. I hope you will love it as much as I do and I hope it will look amazing! Here is the front cover sneak peak;

Also, before I forget, my brand will be rolled out by next week after Easter! I hope you like it and that it brightens up the cold dull days we have had. My business cards have arrived from Moo and they are beautiful! I can’t wait to show you all.

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Long time no see!

Since the last post I have done quite a few more shoots, I would put them on here but as I have a lot to catch up on I don’t really have time! However you can view them all here and I hope you like them!

However, now I am back at uni I have been given a mountain of work and most posts will be based around that, but I will be definitely be doing some more shoots in what little spare time I have.

Don’t forget to like my make-up artist’s page too !

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Glitter Outdoor Shoot

This is the first photoshoot that I did with Natalie Daniels, that I did outside. It was a bit of a mission on the day as it had been raining all morning. I definitely wanted to use the garden as Nat had done amazing glitter make up, and i wanted it to look pretty and ‘fairy like.’ The sun came out in intervals and we quickly snapped before running back inside so my camera didn’t get wet. But I don’t think you would know that from looking at the photos. I used a Canon 500D and a Jessops flashgun with a softbox diffuser. Hope you enjoy, you can see the rest of the images here!

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Upcoming Shoots

Over the summer I will be looking to book shoots and photograph events. If you know of any work I may be interested in please don’t hesistate to get in touch .

Shoots already planned in include a craft fair, rock chick pin ups, Essex Pride, portraiture for websites, and much more – watch this space!

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