Cinemagraphs – my moving photographs

For one of my final projects I decided to make some Cinemagraphs, they are like animated gifs, except smoother and more flawless. I came across these Cinemagraphs by accident one day and I absolutely fell in love with them! With some research into how to make them (editing simple, filming them is a complete nightmare!), and gathering ideas on subject matter, I made my own. You can see my fist tests for them here (and here), I am pretty impressed with these as they were made in my living room.

My idea for the Cinemagraphs was to show how much work goes into creating the ‘perfect’ image, and how retouching can be through lighting, hair and make-up and not just the post production done in Photoshop. The idea came from one of the books I read for my degree, detailing that video is regarded more truthful than image, and a source online that said the Cinemagraph is an image of perfection. They took a lot of time and effort but I am so proud of them. I am looking to create many more and include them in my regular photography.

Contact me if you would like to help me create a Cinemagraph – they are lots of fun!

CINEMAGRAPH-1-UPLOAD Cinemagraph-Hair-FINALcinemagraph-make-up-FINALlighting-cinemagraph-FINAL-lighting-addedstylist-edit-dress-editCINEMAGRAPH-6-UPLOADlight

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