Deck The Halls

In the lead up to Christmas I knew I wanted to do a Christmas Shoot so as soon as my birthday was out the way I began planning it! I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to do but I knew that is had to involved fairy lights, a Christmas tree and LOTS of sparkle! I love sparkle and sequins and I currently own three  sequin dresses bought at Christmas time for the last three years.

In the studio we set up blankets and a backdrop and tried to make the scene look as cosy as possible. The lighting was difficult to set up at first as I had real conflict about what I actually wanted. I had the idea of letting the tree lights shine and the image show a warm cosy room, but the model’s were not photographing well in this light. In the end I reverted to bright clean lighting which makes the models look stunning and lights up the image.

I am releasing one image everyday until Christmas Day on my Facebook page, and I will be  putting the rest of the images in a blog post after they have been released.


Christmas Shoot


What do you think? What would you like to see in a Christmas photo shoot?

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