Event Photography – 40th Birthday Party

Other than weddings, this was my first event photography shoot and I wasn’t totally sure what to expect! I decided to use a material backdrop as they are very portable and easy to set up. I set up in a corner of the venue with my lights and camera and waited for the party to get into full swing! Soon everyone wanted their picture taken, it was great to get pictures of all the family and friends and capture special memories of the night! We had great fun giggling while we tried to fit everyone in the shot and even did some silly poses including tea cups! I really loved photographing something like this because it was just so fun, I loved interacting with everyone, making them smile and at the same time documenting all the memories of Karen’s special night. I love how simple yet beautiful the images are and how much fun everyone had on the night.

40th Birthday, Party, Backdrop, Village Hall collage 3 40th Birthday, Party, Backdrop, Village Hall collage 40th Birthday, Party, Backdrop, Village Hall collage2

What do you think of the images? Would you like a photographer at one of your events?

I am hoping to extend my range of backdrops and buy them to suit the theme of the event! What do you think of fabric backdrops, do you prefer the polished look of vinyl, or the natural fabric look?


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