Fallen Fairytales

Hello all, I have been working hard on my website and my book and I am so excited to show you them and my new brand. Today I am at a Wedding Pre shoot for the first wedding of the year and I am working with my lovely make-up artist Natalie Daniels to do a make-up trial for the bride. I will post a few pictures later if I have time.

I wanted to show you a couple of images I am really proud of at the moment. I have an open brief at university and I wanted to shoot something along the idea of Disney. So I chose Disney princesses. I’ve been looking at a little bit of inspiration and found some amazing photos which I will share with you!






Dina Goldstein – Fallen Princesses

I love all of these images, these inspire me so much and I wish to create even more images like this. For the moment, I am working on images inspired by the last photograph by Dina Goldstein. The images I have created are based on the idea of Disney princesses in the real modern world of today. I feel that however lovely and beautiful and how much Disney is loved across generations (including me), it is rather old fashioned and ideal and not always applicable to every day life, people are often saying they are ‘waiting for their prince’ and it just doesn’t happen. My images are meant to provoke thought about how the Disney princesses would fit into our modern everyday life and what part they might play. It is also meant to be ironic to the fairytale that surrounds them.

The images I have taken so far;
Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Instead of beauty not mattering, in this day and age, beauty can become everything. Belle now thinks she has to look perfect and spends all day making herself up to look pretty for a night out. She will not leave the house without make-up and prides herself in her appearance. She is never seen without make-up on and without being dressed immaculately. To her, image is everything. Belle echos what a lot of young women put themselves through everyday because they think it is not enough to be natural and just be themselves.

Vicky Lauder
Nowadays, we work hard, we play harder. Cinderella is a party girl and can’t go out without alcohol. She loves partying all night and sleeping all day. Because of this she often finds herself passed out in strange places and vulnerable situations. Cinderella again echos the actions of some young girls in this day and age.
Vicky Lauder

Hop you enjoy my images, keep your eyes peeled for more!

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