First Lecture – Analogue

Well my first lecture of the term was last week and it was Analogue. Goodness me, there was a lot to take in. We originally spoke about cameras and aperture, lighting, light meters and all the technical things. Then she passed us all a camera and said ‘go and shoot’ – and that’s what we did.

It’s a shame because I didn’t pay too much attention to the names of the camera we were using – must find out next week.

Anyway I started with a medium format camera, possible a 6×7? It was fun and cool to use however a bit fiddly and was difficult to remember to do everything before we took the picture.

The second camera I used was a semi automatic/digital type thing also using 120mm film, you input all the aperture and shutter speed digitally so I felt much more comfortable with it but not quite as ‘cool’ as using the other one.

Next week we will develop the film and hopefully print a little so we can see how the pictures turned out. This could be a main factor in deciding whether I will use 35mm or 120mm for my final project.

In terms of my final project I have no idea what to do ! But I was throwing around ideas about mind games, and in just googling the name of the project ‘The Games We Play,’ I have decided to buy this book to help with inspiration.

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