Introducing…Georgina’s Beauty and Make up!

My sister is a beauty therapist and a make up artist, and a very good one at that! I must say it comes in VERY handy and I get to have all the treatments I may want done in the salon, at home. This is her flyer in the making;
 This is her Facebook page. Her blog. and her Website!

She has done my make up many a times as I have no patience with any beauty regime. She always does it exactly how I want it and believe me when I say I can be a tricky customer!



Georgina has also done other beauty treatments on me including waxing and eye brow shaping. My favourite is gel nails! She has recently started to do gel nails and they are amazing! They last around 2 weeks before they start to grow out and are basically chip free! This is the best thing about them as I am so heavy handed and ruin a normal manicure almost as soon as she has done it. Not these though, these last so long and have a beautiful shiny finish.


So if you are based around Essex and you need a Make Up artist don’t hesitate to get in touch with her!

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