London Fashion Weekend!

Soooooooo on Saturday I got up really early and headed of to London Fashion weekend! Someone made me aware of the free passes that Park Cameras were giving out on a first come first served basis. As soon as the website opened I signed up and got a place. I was so excited as I had never done anything like this before!

We had to meet at the hotel and bring our signed waiver which said that we had to act accordingly and could not sell our images or use them commercially. Once we were there we were led to a private meeting room for a short talk and were given our passes. May I just say that the staff at the One Aldwych Hotel were so nice an accomodating!

I was really excited to get a press pass and it made me feel very important haha!
We had a talk about the best settings for our camera, our DOs and DON’Ts and general information about the show. Again, the Canon staff were so friendly and made sure that we were happy with our cameras and felt comfortable at the show.
We were then led to Somerset house and allowed into the press pit by the catwalk. I was a bit disappointed that there was not a raised catwalk this year, but I was impressed all the same. These are a few images I snapped while waiting outside.



When the fashion show started I didn’t know what to expect but it was definitely fast! I liked the fact that we sat through two shows of the same collections which meant that we had chance to practice! The Canon staff were on hand at all times to help and this made everyone seem calmer and happier. We were told once we had chosen a spot not to move from it, but there were places at the back that were ample to move from side to side or even step down if you wanted to. I stayed to the left between two people for the first show and had a good angle. However for the second show people just seemed to get in my way and I had to spend a lot of time with my lens zoomed right in so as not to get anyone else’s head in!
Mostly everyone was really friendly and it was nice to meet other photographers and find out what they do. Here is a couple of sneak peeks I sent my friend during the break.
Can I also point out that free Bueno chocolate bars were being given out before and after the shows?! Free chocolate!
The collections themselves were interesting and eye catching although I must admit I didn’t get much chance to look while photographing. My favourite collection was the Pretty In Pink which was so beautiful to capture with the lighting and the soft pastel colours. So beautiful!

























I hope you like my images, I was really proud of them especially for the first time I have ever done anything like that. I used a 70-200mm 2.8 lens which I hired from LensesForHire. I will be doing a blog post review on them.
After the show I took a look around with my press pass and went to a gallery (which I will blog too).
Overall it was an amazing day and I definitely want to go next year. I also got interviewed by Canon, cringe! So if that goes anywhere I will be sure to post it here.







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