Mickey Cookies!

The other day I picked up a copy of Disney baking magazine for just 99p in Asda! (http://eaglemoss.com/default.aspx you can subscribe or order here!). It looked sooooo cute I just couldn’t resist.

I decided to make the Mickey cookies as they looked so good and seemed pretty simple for someone like me who doesn’t bake very often.
The ingredients are pretty simple and it makes a shortbread like cookie which was lovely! I added in some white and milk chocolate chips to add a bit of flavour and I seem to add chocolate chips to most recipes I make!
The first part including baking took us about 2 hours to do. We were being extra careful and lost two Mickey’s because his ears fell off! (note, support ears when transferring to a baking tray!).


After we baked them came the fiddly bit! We had a little bit of a tantrum because we ran out of black food colouring, so now we have grey Mickeys! Icing them was really difficult and I was really tired (it was 11pm) so I didn’t do to well. However if you see the good looking one, my sister did that, she took catering classes at school so she’s more of a pro!

It was really fun and I will definitely be making them again. I will be trying out more recipes in the mean time while waiting for the next 2 issues to come. You should definitely subscribe and you even get some free gifts. I was ummming and ahhhhing about £16 a month on my student budget but I have decided that it is feasible as there are things that I won’t be doing this academic year such as buying food and having as many takeaways.

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