Moody Lighting and a Modelling Portfolio

Becca came to me with a need for some more photos for her modelling portfolio, as her current ones were a few years old. The brief she gave me was simple yet strict, she wanted photos that show her modelling experience in the best way. The lighting she wanted was a low key style, with highlights and shadows, a step away from the flatter way I usually light images. Finally, she wanted a few different poses, some simple headshots and any other ideas that I could come up with. For me this was an exciting challenge, I have loved fashion images since I started uni and have always admired other photographers who work in this style. However I have always found my images to be fashion ‘styled’ as they are not as high fashion as the magazines!

But these images I feel, really made the difference. ¬†With a little encouragement from Becca to push the boundaries with the lighting, and a beautiful model, I feel I have created some stunning fashion images. The other great thing about Becca was when I asked her about retouching the images, she told me that she wanted to look like ‘herself,’ she didn’t want me to make her any thinner or change her too much, just some simple skin editing. I really admired that as that is how I love to work, I am not some amazing retoucher and I haven’t had much practise, but more than anything I would hate to take a photo where the outcome looks so different to the beginning image.

What do you think? I personally love them!

IMG_9834 edit

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