My Christmas Photos in Full

I know it has been a month since Christmas and I daren’t even utter that word again until late November! However I put all of my Christmas images on Facebook which seriously compresses images, so I wanted to show you my images in full glory – here they are! Make Up is by my talented sister and friend Georgie and Natalie!

IMG_9520edit IMG_9498edit

IMG_9496edit IMG_9489edit IMG_9487editIMG_9483edit IMG_9482edit IMG_9470edit IMG_9447edit IMG_9421editIMG_9416edit IMG_9413edit IMG_9412edit IMG_9411edit IMG_9401editIMG_9399edit IMG_9392edit IMG_9391 edit IMG_9390edit IMG_9388editIMG_9373edit IMG_9368edit Hair edit IMG_9524edit

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