New Years Resolutions

As I’ve seen in many blogs at the moment, such as the lovely Natalie Daniels’ New Year Resolutions and I’ve decided to make one myself!

So here goes!

1.) Lose more weight – Beach bod! I recently bought this bikini and it WILL look good!

2.) Do a photo shoot a month
Self explanatory really!
3.) Go out once a month. I never know when to have a break from work and just have fun!
4.) Stay Organised /Write everything down
This is a start!
5.) Be good with money
6.)Be happy & positive
7.) Plan my 21st – Disney on firework night anyone? 😛
8.) Go to exhibitions
I don’t always enjoy them but I need to !
9.) Calm down
10.) Enter more competitions
It’s part of my course but you never know I could always win something!

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