Photographing my second wedding!

In June I was lucky enough to photograph Gemma & Steve’s beautiful wedding in Essex.
On the day we had a little big of iffy weather with the sunshine attempting to fend off the rain! The ceremony began in their local church and Gemma arrived in a lovely car looking stunning.

 Halfway through the ceremony it began pouring down with rain and I felt so worried for the couple, however we managed to sneak outside and do some shots in the archway that they had wanted so much.

Umbrella in hand I began to take photos of them underneath the archway and it was looking beautiful, until halfway through the heavens opened and I had to run under the archway with them huddling with all camera equipment. Now that would have made an amusing wedding day photo.

Once I had got to the reception venue I had already realised that my camera had gone caput. Now a photographer ALWAYS carries a spare camera and I had people on standby that could have brought me spare equipment, but I was a little worried for the fate of my well loved camera! I explained the situation to Gemma who was very calm and understanding as I began to take pictures with my backup camera. I had called my dad who came to the rescue and found out my battery grip was faulty, I soon ditched that and had two working cameras again, technology, eh? Outside the reception I took some pictures of the happy couple with their wedding car, before it started raining again and we all rushed inside!

 The evening reception was perfect with a roast dinner buffet, red themed room and a lit backdrop looking beautiful. I took the group images against the white material backdrop as it was raining outside and I think they came out really well.

Sadly about half and hour after everyone had got to the second venue the was a car accident just outside and the DJ had got stuck in traffic. I used this time to get any images that Gemma wanted that we may have missed / not had time for to help take her mind off worrying about the DJ. 


Overall I had an amazing time photographing such a lovely couple’s wedding and Gemma’s first dance with Steve, and the one with her father left everyone a little teary.


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