Staying on track

Now I know as well as the next person that I am human, and I cannot remember all number of things that are going on in my every day life, let alone my mum’s, friends or boyfriend’s. I find it so difficult to keep up with everyone and everything I know I would be lost without my amazing planners and diaries, (yes I have more than one diary!). Now I am a little bit over the top with my calendars as I have a weekly one desktop one, a weekly one for my handbag, a monthly online one and a giant wall planner in my bedroom. But I cannot stress enough how much easier these make my life. I use my wall planner for every part of my life, university, work, dinner dates, aqua fit, shopping lists, birthdays and sooo much more. It’s so simple to have every aspect of your life written down where you can compare them and see how much you have going on. Now, some may say it is tedious, boring or even too restrictive, but it really only takes a few minutes of your day to get organised and it can be a life saver. My favourite planners are my weekly desktop and my yearly wall. The wall planner is so important because although it can be daunting to see a year of your life mapped out, it can also help you see how close that 6 month deadline really is, or how much money, time or energy you will need over a certain few months. I designed mine myself using photoshop and downloadable calendars, but you can get them from Staples, Ebay and Amazon. Happy Planning!



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