A themed wedding – hot or not?

I recently wrote a post about engagement rings, their cost and worth and whether you should or shouldn’t stick to traditions. Now I’m definitely not a traditional girl, and if you read my previous post you will know that my engagement ring isn’t traditional and that I got engaged in Disney World! I also previously mentioned a Disney themed wedding, once again I definitely want that when the time comes.  Although getting married at Disney World, Florida would also be amazing, it can be very very expensive!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having opinions, in fact the world would be so boring if everyone was the same, but I have had some very bad reactions to the idea of a themed wedding. Some from my friends, family and some from strangers! Now lets be realistic, at this time in my life I’m not even close to planning a wedding, so having a few crazy ideas is absolutely fine, right? But it got me thinking about how even though more and more people are choosing to have non traditional weddings, somehow they are still not deemed acceptable. But why? If you love weddings  with a difference (and if you don’t, this might change you mind!) you should check out Rock n Roll Bride and Rock My Wedding for some gorgeous inspiration.

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Small Business Appreciation – Clara’s Folding Book Art

Yippee ! It’s Clara & Paul’s wedding day today and as you are reading this I am already photographing the bridal prep! I have got to know Clara and Paul really well in the lead up to their wedding and I am just so excited for this day. Keep you eyes peeled for a few sneak peeks of their wedding day later tonight!

This is the third instalment in small business appreciation, I really like doing this because it shows talent of people who may not be seen by a large audience, and it’s a pat on the back for those who work so hard running their own business.

I had seen a few book folds and thought they looked nice and wasn’t too bothered. Then Clara invited me to like her Facebook Page and I saw some of her designs – they are amazing! I wouldn’t be surprised if she could book fold almost anything that you ask her to. Here are some examples:


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Engagement rings – how much?!

I recently read an article in The Mirror, (http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/want-stay-married-fellas-splash-5365678) and was shocked to hear that a study ‘shows’ that the more you spend on an engagement ring, the longer you will stay together. All I can say that this is absolute rubbish and I really can’t believe they are promoting this idea. Traditionally, I believe you are meant to spend around 3 months wages on an engagement ring, and it’s ‘supposed’ to be a single diamond. Now I don’t want to offend anyone, but personally that is the complete opposite to what I would want. I’m not a tradition girl, and I don’t wear expensive jewellery most of the time, any that I have is carefully stashed away for special occasions.

That’s not to say that you can’t go for the traditional look, and I’m sure many people do, I’m just saying that you don’t have to! I’ve been with my Fiancé for nearly six years now, and I’d like to think we know each other pretty well. Still, did I trust him to pick out a ring for me? Yes, and no. Throughout the years he has gifted me thing that I loved, liked and some thing’s I wasn’t sure of. Truth be told, anything I wasn’t sure of grew on me pretty quickly, and that goes to show that really he does know me well, and I should start being more adventurous with things I pick out for myself.

When it came to looking for a ring, I would dreamily search the internet for pretty rings with my friends, them choosing huge diamonds, and me never quite finding something that grabbed my attention. I never looked at Tiffany’s or anywhere so extravagant, I knew those ‘big rocks’ didn’t suit my personality, and I hoped my Fiancé would too.  This may all sound a bit presumptuous but we had indeed spoken about marriage and being engaged, an impatient me was soothed by the words ‘when the time is right,’ (and when exactly would that be?!).

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Christmas Cheer : Baking and Decorating

Every month I collect the Asda magazine which has recipes in it, I cut them out and stick them in my Recipe book that one of my friends made me. This month, with Christmas around the corner I decided that I would make some of the ideas in the book.  The first recipe is Star Stained Glass Biscuits.

Stained glass star biscuits

This simple but beautiful way of baking biscuits is one that I absolutely love! It’s fairly simple but makes them look so pretty and makes a great gift for Christmas, I love receiving baked goodies as a present! My favourite thing about these biscuits is the way the light shines through them and makes them come to life. The recipe was so simple to make, infact the hardest part was smashing the boiled sweets, now that was really hard work!


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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!

So last Thursday was my 22nd birthday and it’s safe to say that I celebrated it in style. What better way to land comfortably into your twenties than to have breakfast with Mickey Mouse! Yes, you read correctly, I spent another year in Disneyland (Paris this time) and I absolutely loved it!

I asked my boyfriend to plan a couple of days away for my birthday this year and surprise me with where we are going. I told him it had to be fun, not too expensive and I wanted to stay away from home for at least one night, and I then left him to it. Little did I know he would let his imagination run away with him and plan a trip to Disney Land Paris! Part of the inspiration for this trip was his 8 year old cousins birthday, for which his parents and aunt and uncle would be going to Disneyland, once he heard that he knew I would be so jealous! We had a drink with them on the Friday evening and spent a few hours in the park with them on the Saturday too.

Our trip was from Wednesday 19th until Sunday 23rd November and although short and sweet I felt it was just long enough and we had a great time. We travelled by Eurotunnel and it took less than half an hour to get through the crossing! The drive to Paris was about 3 hours but it really didn’t seem too long. On my birthday we had breakfast at Cafe Mickeys which is a character breakfast buffet, where Mickey and friends come to your table for photo opportunities. I love character breakfasts and I love the meet and greats, it’s fun seeing your favourite characters from films come to life!

And it’s official, I am such a big kid!


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