Engagement rings – how much?!

I recently read an article in The Mirror, (http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/want-stay-married-fellas-splash-5365678) and was shocked to hear that a study ‘shows’ that the more you spend on an engagement ring, the longer you will stay together. All I can say that this is absolute rubbish and I really can’t believe they are promoting this idea. Traditionally, I believe you are meant to spend around 3 months wages on an engagement ring, and it’s ‘supposed’ to be a single diamond. Now I don’t want to offend anyone, but personally that is the complete opposite to what I would want. I’m not a tradition girl, and I don’t wear expensive jewellery most of the time, any that I have is carefully stashed away for special occasions.

That’s not to say that you can’t go for the traditional look, and I’m sure many people do, I’m just saying that you don’t have to! I’ve been with my Fiancé for nearly six years now, and I’d like to think we know each other pretty well. Still, did I trust him to pick out a ring for me? Yes, and no. Throughout the years he has gifted me thing that I loved, liked and some thing’s I wasn’t sure of. Truth be told, anything I wasn’t sure of grew on me pretty quickly, and that goes to show that really he does know me well, and I should start being more adventurous with things I pick out for myself.

When it came to looking for a ring, I would dreamily search the internet for pretty rings with my friends, them choosing huge diamonds, and me never quite finding something that grabbed my attention. I never looked at Tiffany’s or anywhere so extravagant, I knew those ‘big rocks’ didn’t suit my personality, and I hoped my Fiancé would too.  This may all sound a bit presumptuous but we had indeed spoken about marriage and being engaged, an impatient me was soothed by the words ‘when the time is right,’ (and when exactly would that be?!).

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2015 Resolutions

2014 has been a year of many changes and many achievements, I began the year in my final year and University and will finish with all the tools I need to launch my Photography business. Although New Years resolutions are often overdone and boring, on a personal note they are important to reflect on the year and see how far I have come. Last year I fulfilled most of the things on my list, with a few exceptions and this year I hope to do the same!

1.) Fully launch my business, advertise and book in clients throughout the year.

2.) Be creative in photographing, shoot more, liaise with other creatives.

3.) Do a photography course, read some books, learn more skills.

4.) Keep saving for a house.

5.) Keep crocheting and finish projects!

So there you go, a small list this year because I feel I have achieved so much already! Small but important things to me that I hope to carry out in the coming months – watch this space!

Flyer photography Vicky Lauder Flyer Back side

What are you New Year’s Resolutions?

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The Christmas Tag

This is a bit different from my usual posts but since Christmas is fast approaching, I thought it would be nice to do a Christmas blog post. I like these tags because they are personal and show an insight into blogger’s lives. I also LOVE Christmas so this one is perfect for me.
1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
I think it has to be Love Actually, it’s pretty much the only film that my family have on DVD and we have to watch it before Christmas every year.
2. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas afternoon! We don’t get up early, 11 at the earliest and mooch around getting breakfast before we open presents, it’s all very relaxed.
3. Favourite festive food?
Erm…everything? Buffet food so cheese and baguettes, sausage rolls, crisps and dip, and mozarella sticks are my absolute favourite!
4. Favourite Christmas gift?
I love all the gifts I get each year.
5. Favourite Christmas scent?
Gingerbread everything!
6. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Sometimes putting up the tree! Last minute shopping, last minute wrapping and a buffet dinner.
7. What tops your tree?
An angel that I made when I was younger.
8. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I’m not really sure. Probably a toy that was expensive and did nothing!
9. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?
Lights, songs, snow men, reindeer! Santa Claus! Christmas movies! Gingerbread, candy canes, baking.
Thanks for reading, what is your favourite part of Christmas?
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Harry Potter Studio Tours

For dad’s birthday we decided to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tours, my sister has wanted to go for a while, and we managed to get half price tickets do thought it would be a good time to go! Now you may disagree but although I like Harry Potter, I have never been a huge fan of the films and so I wondered what it would be like and how much I would enjoy it.

When we got there the Harry Potter theme was playing and there was a huge Christmas tree inside. I liked both the music and the christmas feel and I thought that they made the entrance to the tour extra special. We arrive about half hour early but they were allowing people from all tour times in so we went in earlier than planned.

The first part of the tour includes a Harry Potter badge (yay!) a short film about how the films came about, and a guided tour of The Great Hall. The tour only lasts a few minutes  and the guides explain all about the hall, costumes and props that are shown. The next part of the tour is self guided and you can take as much or as little time as you like.

Some of the tour was more interesting than the other parts. I liked seeing props and how they were used in the movie, and it was cool to see how they did some of the tricks in the film. However it’s worth noting that when you know exactly how some of the more special scenes are done, it may take some of the magic out of it. That being said, it may make you appreciate it even more!

My favourite part of the tour was the green screen brooms and car which made you look like you were flying. We all had a go in the car and the brooms, my dad’s one was the funniest! We had to hold onto the broom and wave our hands in the air while the green screen made it look like we were flying through different landscapes. It is definitely not one to miss.

Overall it was a fun day out, a must for any Harry Potter fan and something a bit different to do.


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A baby shower and a bear hat

Yesterday was my friend Coral’s baby shower and it was great fun. We have been looking forward to this for weeks and really enjoyed looking a little outfits for the baby and gifts to get her. I was particularly excited as I had been working away crocheting a little set for the baby, a blanket, mittens, a hat and little booties. I have been so impatient to show her but wanted to wait until the day to give it to her. Another reason I am excited about this is because I have a baby bump shoot with Coral tomorrow! It will be my first shoot of that type for over 3 years and it is very special to me as Coral is the first one of use to have a baby. I feel honoured that she chose me to photograph this special time in her life.

At the baby shower we played lots of games and ate lots of nibbles. Coral received lots of lovely presents and some very useful things to help her out with the baby. Her and her partner were both extremely pleased with my crochet gifts and it really made my day!

2014-09-29 21.40.00


Check back next week to see my images from the baby bump shoot!


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LEGOLAND – Not just for kids, for big kids too!

My boyfriend Adam’s birthday is the 13th September and he loves Foo Fighters. In August this year Foo Fighters announced a one off concert in association with the Invictus Games with a line up that included Ellie Goulding (my favourite!) and some other great bands. The gig was on the 14th September which would have been the perfect birthday treat, except I could’t get tickets, tears were shed and dreams were shattered!

After that let down I decided that a day out would be a great way to spend Adam’s birthday and make up for the lack of tickets, I just had to decide where to go. We already had plans to go to Harry Potter Studios Tour (dad’s birthday with half price tickets) and London seemed so expensive. I began to search for inspiration on voucher deal websites and came up with the Tesco clubcard website where I found cheap tickets to LEGOLAND. Now I have been to LEGOLAND many times as a child and loved it, and I had been wanting to go back for a while, but Adam has never been! At around £42 for a ticket online and even more if you buy on the day, it’s a pricey day out and not something to do on a whim. However when converting clubcard points it works out at £12.50 worth of points per ticket and is much more affordable (assuming you shop a lot at Tesco anyway).

All in all, we had a brilliant day and I would definitely recommend LEGOLAND to anyone and everyone who loves Lego (just like Adam) and enjoys being young at heart.  There is are variety of rides for all ages and although there are no ‘big’ rides, there is enough to keep the older ones occupied. A favourite of mine is the mini village which is parts of the world built in Lego, it’s so detailed and looks amazing! There are plenty of things to do at the park and I will leave you with some pictures and a list of things you must do whilst visiting LEGOLAND.

♥ Visit the mini village

♥ Get a chocolate waffle

♥ Go on the submarine ride

♥ Eat at the all you can eat pizza and pasta restaurant

♥ Get a LEGOLAND driving licence and drive a boat

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Photo gifts, rate or hate?

I’m no stranger to photo gifts, I like giving them and I like receiving them!  I have given mugs, pillows and even puzzles. Although some people think that these items are a little tacky, I love ALL of them (even the snowglobes). So when my friend Becky’s birthday came around, I decided a photo gift would be the perfect present. I have not seen Becky since June when I finished University, as she lives in Southampton, and I live in Essex. The last even we attended together was our summer ball so I thought a photo from that would be a nice memory of the evening.  I went on to Asda’s Photo site as I knew they had a lot of different products and I could deliver free to my local store which is five minutes away! Next I had to choose a product, which was really difficult because there was SO much choice!

I love this Tablet Case, I think it’s a lovely personal touch. Unfortunately I wasn’t sure if Becky even had an Ipad / Tablet.  The  fleece also looks really cosy and would mean the picture is really big, but as a newly graduated student without much money, it is a little pricey for me. I also think this jewellery box is stunning and would make a beautiful gift, but I had already given her a jewellery box for Christmas!



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Living in a Corn Bin – Holiday to Hastings

Earlier this year, I booked a holiday to Hastings with my boyfriend. It’s always difficult to decide where to go on holiday, but with little funds we knew going abroad wasn’t an option and began to look at coastal areas within the UK. Cornwall looked lovely but it was too far away, and because of Uni we have already seen parts of Kent, so we decided on Sussex.

We have been to Hastings twice before, once with my parents in a caravan and once by ourselves in a beautiful little cottage on a hill overlooking the sea front.






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Dyeing for a change

Despite only dyeing my hair two different colours in the past six years, it has been many shades throughout that time. I am the first to admit I am fickle with my hair, I grow it out, chop it off, dye it and then the cycle starts again! I can never settle with a cut or colour, all I know is that I like it fairly short and I hate boring colours.

This is my natural hair colour – dark brown;


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C is for crochet!

Recently I learnt how to crochet after  seeing everyone’s crochet mood blankets on Instagram! They looked so beautiful and fun to make, and I just had to see if I would be able to pick it up easily. Luckily, with a bit of patience I managed to learn to crochet.

These are some of my makes;

IMAG3398_1IMAG3399_1IMAG3400_1 (1)





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