New products – Gifts and more!

Recently I have been ordering from a few small businesses and I have been loving it! I absolutely love supporting small businesses, just like myself, and I usually find that their products and customer service are second to none. There were two things that I particularly wanted to help further my business at this moment in time, one was a stamp to help me with packaging, and the other was a gift voucher.

The stamp I have already use quite a lot within my business, as you can see here! I love it, I really do feel like it is a luxury product, and even though I am new to stamping, it came with a little product card with information on how to get the best results and store it properly. It came on a lovely acrylic block which made stamping so easy, and the whole thing looks really nice and posh too! I bought this stamp from Clarise Crafts (mine’s the biggest one incase you wondered), who also has a huge range of all things craft related. Thanks to this website I have the stamping bug and keep thinking of things that I can stamp!


Image by Clarise Crafts

I also wanted to show you my new beautiful gift vouchers! I hadn’t really thought about these before, until I was thinking about exhibiting at a local pamper evening. I wanted to find a way that I could still make bookings without the pressure sales you often get at events like that! For me, the evening was a way to find new clients (I had a sign up sheet for my newsletter) and potentially secure some bookings, but I really didn’t want to give the hard sell, I really hate that.

So I decided some gift vouchers would really help with that, for me, it’s almost like a deposit from the customer, and for them it’s a non restricting way to show their interest in my services. The vouchers look really nice and are a great gift, especially to someone who has reached a new milestone in their life (e.g engaged, new baby).


Image by Clarise Crafts

The gift vouchers were also designed and printed by Clarise crafts. I absolutely love them! What do you think about my new additions to my business?

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My first pamper evening!

I had never been to a pamper evening before as I’ve never really been into beauty! But after my sister began studying beauty therapy I found myself having lots of different treatments (some of which not by choice!). Now I get free treatments I must admit I still do not go to pamper evenings or other events like it, however I think they are a really great way to meet new people, get yourself pampers and try out new treatments at bargain prices. I recently advertised at a local pamper evening in East Hanningfield, it was a really lovely evening held in the local village hall. I spoke to a few people about my work and now have a few leads to follow up. I didn’t have time to have any treatments done but I did make the most of the yummy cakes on offer, they were amazing! I would definitely go to another pamper evening and have a treatment or two done, some of them sounded really interesting and the prices were really good too!




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Little Layla’s Christening at Writtle Church

Layla was christened on a beautiful sunny day in April. The weather was perfect, the venue was beautiful, and Layla was on her best behaviour all day! The christening took place at Writtle church, which I have photographed twice before! It has beautiful grounds and the inside is equally lovely. After the christening there was a small gathering at Writtle Social club which was decorated with banners, balloons and beautiful fresh flower centrepieces! There was also an incredible buffet which was made by friends and family which included pretty much every kind of party food you could wish for (and I Iove party food!). The cake was something else completely, made by a friend of the family, with hand crafted sugar decorations and a very cute little bear on the top! The whole day was so much fun and all the little details came together to make the day beautiful.

Layla's Christening Blog-0563

Layla's Christening Blog-0589

Layla's Christening Blog-0580

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Paul & Clara’s Wedding at John Ray House

Paul and Clara were married at John Ray House in Braintree on the 30th March this year. I absolutely  loved their wedding, from the colour scheme, to the amazing relaxed atmosphere of the day. From there they went on to Benson Bar, also in Braintree for their reception, after taking some beautiful photos in Bocking public gardens. I loved getting to know them as a couple, talking about fairy lights and beautiful pictures by a pond, it was lovely to be able to cater to what they wanted their pictures to be. They planned their wedding in around 8 months, sorting all the little details and even changing venues! They did so well to plan it all, and this is how they did it!

From the bride herself, ‘Planning a wedding in 8 months I found a lot less stressful then I thought! Finding the bridesmaid dresses was the hardest part to find the style and colours to match. I would say, saying our vows and having our pictures taken in the gardens was my favourite part of the whole day. Everything went well, apart from I wished we paid more attention to table decorations to make sure the venue had right coloured napkins. Also a seating plan. No one seemed to mingle much . And made more timing for hair and make up. No bride likes to rush around!’

Make Up by Natalie Daniels.

Paul & Clara, Wedding, Romantic, Braintree (1)

Paul & Clara, Wedding, Romantic, Braintree (10)

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A peek into a boudoir shoot…

I’ve done boudoir shoots before, I love them, they are classy, sexy and beautiful! But this time around I wanted to do it slightly differently, all of my other shoots have been mainly lingerie and sexy poses based, I wanted to have a more laid back approach this time. I feel that a lot of women don’t feel like they should, could or would have a boudoir photo shoot and that’s a shame. They can be really fun, inspiring and confidence boosting! I wanted to do a shoot with a little more clothes, a softer style but still sexy! I want to show people that boudoir can be whatever you want it to be, and it’s all about getting beautiful photos of you. You don’t have to wait until you are the right age, or weight, or even for the right occasion, you don’t need a reason to have stunning images that show off your looks!

I recently did a shoot with Becca, we decided on a lingerie shoot, but with a huge jumper for modesty and a bit of tongue in cheek. Becca was so lovely to photograph, she was a complete natural even though boudoir was fairly new to her. I love how sweet the blushing smiley photos are, and in contrast how strong and sexy some of the others are. I feel like it shows a different side to boudoir and I love it!

What do you think?

Becca, Model, Lingerie, Natural, Soft, Beautiful, Boudoir, Little Waltham, Chelmsford, Studio (12)

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Small Business Appreciation – Clara’s Folding Book Art

Yippee ! It’s Clara & Paul’s wedding day today and as you are reading this I am already photographing the bridal prep! I have got to know Clara and Paul really well in the lead up to their wedding and I am just so excited for this day. Keep you eyes peeled for a few sneak peeks of their wedding day later tonight!

This is the third instalment in small business appreciation, I really like doing this because it shows talent of people who may not be seen by a large audience, and it’s a pat on the back for those who work so hard running their own business.

I had seen a few book folds and thought they looked nice and wasn’t too bothered. Then Clara invited me to like her Facebook Page and I saw some of her designs – they are amazing! I wouldn’t be surprised if she could book fold almost anything that you ask her to. Here are some examples:


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A family shoot

Clara is a bride who’s wedding I will be photographing this month! It really has crept up on us and I am really looking forward to it.  Clara came to me and asked me to take some nice natural photos of her children, as she didn’t like the normal school photos. I don’t normally do family shoots but I will photograph families of previous clients, family and friends. I took on this challenge with an open mind, I have met Clara’s children a few times, and they are loveable, but cheeky at times!

Katherine was a natural, she’s a very pretty girl and took direction well. Although she didn’t love being in front of the camera, I got some beautiful photos of her. Kaden however was the definition of cheeky chops! He was giggling and laughing, which was perfect, until I pointed the camera at him, and his face completely changed! He would not stop making silly faces and messing around (much encouraged by his dad!) and although it was hard to get the perfect shot,  a lot of fun was had by everyone! With a few bribes from mum, Kaden behaved (a little bit) and we got a few natural shots and some great crazy and funny shots. I really loved photographing Clara’s family and I look forward to capturing her big day as well!

Clara, Children, Family, Brother, Sister, Studio, Little Waltham, Chelmsford (41)

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My Christmas Photos in Full

I know it has been a month since Christmas and I daren’t even utter that word again until late November! However I put all of my Christmas images on Facebook which seriously compresses images, so I wanted to show you my images in full glory – here they are! Make Up is by my talented sister and friend Georgie and Natalie!

IMG_9520edit IMG_9498edit

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Natural Light and a Natural Beauty

I love flash photography, studio lighting and anything where I can control the light and make it exactly how I want ! I rarely use any natural light and either have my studio lights or my on camera flash unit. But recently I have been relaxing slightly and taking photographs that don’t require articficial lighting.

I have always wondered how people take amazing photos set up in natural light, and I have always struggled – until now. After my friend had her baby I have only had a few chances to take some nice photos while she was settling in. On these occasions (most of which I haven’t had my dslr with me, or any camera at all !) I didn’t feel that a flash was necessary or would be too instrusive for such a small baby.

I’m going to say here that I am not strictly using ‘natural’ light as I am taking them indoors and although using some light from outside, I also rely on indoor lighting. I have not adjusted or moved any of this lighting though.

I struggled with the first time, she was so little and didn’t move much, we didn’t want to disturb her so didn’t get a great range of shots. However the second time was perfect, we just put her on the floor and I got down on the floor too and we got some lovely photos.

I’ll be the first to admit that these images are not something I usually do, I used to shoot this type of image when I first started working in a studio and soon grew tired of ‘cheesy’ family photos. These however, I feel are different, I think they are beautiful and done in my own style, and nowhere near the cheesy style of images I am really not fond of ! I’m beginning to feel I can apply my style of photography across all different shoots to create stunning images.


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My New Branding and Promotional Photos

During my re-brand I decided that I should take my new camera and go and take some photos! I wanted something that showed how I like to photograph, my style, and at the same time show off all the things that I can do. I have a variety of things that I like to take pictures of and I wanted to show my abilities through these photos. I decided on Beauty headshots, Wedding, Boudoir and Editorial, these are all important to me for different reasons. Beauty headshots because they are really useful and heavily used by make up artists and models. Weddings because that is something I am marketing myself for – it is lovely to be part of someone’s big day. Boudoir because I absolutely love it, it’s classy and sexy and so much fun, I would love to make more people aware of how amazing having boudoir images taken can be. Finally, editorial because while I was at university I loved shooting fashion style images and would love to continue, probably mostly on a time for print basis, but I would love to shoot for print at some point too! I hope you love my images as much as I do!

promo normal

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