Boudoir, the perfect wedding present for your future husband

Katrina came to me wanting some beautiful photos to give to her husband-to-be on their wedding day. She wanted something classy and sexy, but without showing too much skin.  We had a little look on Pinterest, and spoke about any worries and insecurities Katrina had, and how we could banish them on the day of the shoot. With any boudoir, as soon as any worries are mentioned, I work hard to make sure I have a plan to make you feel at ease. This could mean posing in a certain way, making sure we have a relaxing atmosphere or even keeping in constant contact to ensure I can answer any questions you may have.


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Boudoir – A present for the groom or you?

Boudoir is a growing trend, especially in the wedding industry and more and more people are doing it! I think that’s great and very exciting as I absolutely love Boudoir and think that not only should more people become aware, they should partake too! It really is an amazing way to look good and feel great about yourself. Doing a boudoir shoot can give you confidence you never knew you had, and with the right photographer you will feel completely at ease while shooting.

I think it’s important when choosing to do something like this that you do it for yourself foremost, and then think of others. A lot of brides have Boudoir shoots to give as gifts and I think this is a lovely idea, it’s a cheeky little reminder of you on the morning of the wedding and pictures that he will treasure. However I have heard of some brides ‘forcing themselves’ to do it for their husbands to be or because they think they should. Honestly, that’s not what Boudoir is about, it’s about having fun, feeling sexy, and it should be empowering. You should only do it if you want to and not because you feel like you have to!

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Deck The Halls

In the lead up to Christmas I knew I wanted to do a Christmas Shoot so as soon as my birthday was out the way I began planning it! I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to do but I knew that is had to involved fairy lights, a Christmas tree and LOTS of sparkle! I love sparkle and sequins and I currently own three  sequin dresses bought at Christmas time for the last three years.

In the studio we set up blankets and a backdrop and tried to make the scene look as cosy as possible. The lighting was difficult to set up at first as I had real conflict about what I actually wanted. I had the idea of letting the tree lights shine and the image show a warm cosy room, but the model’s were not photographing well in this light. In the end I reverted to bright clean lighting which makes the models look stunning and lights up the image.

I am releasing one image everyday until Christmas Day on my Facebook page, and I will be  putting the rest of the images in a blog post after they have been released.


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