The dreaded Thursday!!

Thursday is my longest day and it does seem a bit of a drag, however I got through it quite bright and cheery until the last lecture of the day where I was most tired. However it was a very interesting lecture so that helped a lot.

We were given the brief for Advanced Photographic Practice Module, which is ‘Environmental Portraiture.’ As far as I could tell you need to use the portable light kit and shoot outside, and also you have to have at least 5 pictures of people (need 10 max).

My idea is something that I wanted to do over summer but never got round to it. I want to shoot a mermaid set up at Broadstairs beach, in the sea, by the tide pool etc. I want them to look dark and a little bit evil with inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean. I want to present in a treasure box with shells and netting. I have already bought some costume set up and I will be practising at the end of October.

I am also looking to getting a disposable underwater camera to do some research with. I wanted to go all out and do an underwater project but I think it’s way to much effort and equipment / money etc.

But watch this space!

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