Wedding worries – What to wear as a guest?

Once again time has run away from me and my usual Monday blogging spot has been replaced for Wednesday! This week I wanted to write about something that has been on my mind recently, what on earth do you wear as a guest to a wedding?! I’ve been to two weddings as a guest, I wore a little black dress to one, and a lacey grey number to the other. I was fairly young for both of these and don’t remember having particular issues finding something to wear! But now I feel a certain pressure to look perfect, pick the right dress and then accessorize it well! Is it Pinterest? Is it the detail that people plan their wedding in now? Or is it simple peer pressure? Whatever it is, finding the perfect outfit for a wedding has not been easy for me!

But I don’t think it should be like that, so I have comprised some guidelines to follow, and I’ll be showing you some of the dresses I picked out along the way to finding my outfit.

My situation goes like this;

My fiancé is going to be best man for his brother who is getting married this August! He has his suit and pretty much everything sorted for him so he doesn’t have to worry. Cue me worrying about what I am going to wear, how I am going to look and if we will get the dreaded ‘so when are you getting married’ question! (answer: once we have bought a house and then saved up more money!) I knew my brand colour (and favourite colour) was out of the question because that is their colour scheme, which allowed me to reject a lot of outfits straight away. I knew I wanted a dress and I wanted one which was knee length really – but I couldn’t find any! I was stuck in a panic of worrying what family would think of what I was wearing and if I would look ‘pretty’ enough, I wanted something extra special because I am family, but didn’t want to look like I was trying to outshine anyone! What a nightmare. I finally found some dresses I liked, after I stopped thinking ‘I can’t wear that,’ and started thinking, ‘I’ll try it anyway!’

Here are a few I liked:

A lovely lace number in purple from Coast. I thought it was beautiful but a tad pricey at £130, I actually never ended up trying this on!
The same dress in a silver/grey colour. I love the detail in the belt.











A stunning dress very similar to the one I ended up buying. I love the lace detail, the belt detail and the colour. It’s very flattering even though I have a small waist and larger hips! It was a little expensive at £180 though.



download (1)
The same dress in a lovely peach colour, unfortunately it didn’t change the fit! They also had it in mint green which I loved but that is the colour scheme!
download (2)
I loved this dress, it was in the sale and I thought it was a great price! Unfortunately it didn’t make me feel as beautiful as it looked!


As for the dress I chose, you will have to wait to see that!

Finally, a few tips to help you!

Don’t keep worrying about what everyone else will think, do what makes you happy!

Try something on even if you think you won’t like it – you might surprise yourself!

Don’t worry about being in style or on trend, wear what you like!

Don’t worry about outshining anyone, especially the bride, it won’t happen!

What would you wear to a wedding?

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  1. Eee so excited to see which one you got! The grey ones and the peach one are gorgeous! They all look so beautiful and your going to look amazing! 😀

    Sorry for making it difficult choosing mint green as the theme!! ;P

    Sarah x

    1. I’ll send you a pic at some point. I need a flattering photo in it lol but it looks much better in real life anyway cause it’s sparkly!

      Haha I’ll forgive you with the colour scheme, such a coincidence haha.


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