Winnie the pooh cupcakes!

So my cousin invited us round for dinner a couple of weeks ago and as I am getting really into my Disney baking magazines I said I would bring dessert. I really wanted to try the Pooh cupcakes so I made them, and Adam, my boyfriend made some Mickey Cookies.

It was quite easy to make the cakes with the dry ingredients being mixed in with melted butter and honey. I used silicon cases as they were bright colours and I thought they would go great with the Winnie The Pooh Theme! Once I had made the mixture I scooped it into the cases using about three tablespoons for each case. I made twelve cupcakes in total and they rose nice and high too!

While waiting for the cakes to cool I started on the decoration. I bought white fondant icing and a yellow colour too which I rolled out for the tops. I didn’t have a round cutter so I used a flower one which I think looked really cute.

Now, doing the decorations on top of the cakes was a complete nightmare. We coloured stiff icing and spread it on just like the magazine says. Well our first Winnie The Pooh was so funny his face was all squished!

However we got in the swing of things after a while and it seemed to work out. The cakes were nice but not as delicious as I thought they might be, esepecially as the yellow icing I bought tasted horrible! Nevermind – they looked great!























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